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The Homestarrunner.com 2010 Calendar is a calendar that was made available from the Store on December 1,2009. As well as the normal holidays such as Christmas or St. Patrick's Day, it also includes some completely made-up Homestar Runner holidays. The back of the calendar bosts, "BACK OF CALENDAR! All 12 months!" and the front reads, "Now Includes February!! (Thanks for the tip!!)"



The January page shows a picture of Trogdor drawn in pencil with shading, as he is seen when Strong Bad sings "Trogdor!" in the dragon. There is also a peasant with his head on fire, a burning cottage, and the picture of Trogdor "as a man." There are also some hills in the background, and the words "Trogdor the burninator" can be seen in the lower left-hand corner, in Olde English Text MT font. The quote below the picture reads, "Oh yeah. Check out all his majesty." The various holidays listed are: New Year's Day (January 1), Stinko-day (January 6), Trogday (January 13), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 18), Feast of Mendelev (January 21), and Feast of Dongolev (January 22.)


The February page shows a picture of Dangeresque, Renaldo, and Dangeresque, too jumping from an explosion. The Gremlin is also poking out, and the word "Dangeresque" can be seen at the bottom. The quote below the picture reads, "Looks like I'm gonna have to jump!" The holidays listed are: Renaldo's Retirement Party (February 5, 12, 19, and 26) and Vamlumtime's Day (February 14)


This shows a picture of Homestar Runner holding up a pair of Air Cardgage shows (the shoes' logo and name can be seen above the picture.) Senor Cardgage himself can be seen off to the side, ans the bottom reads, "Available exclusively at Styles Upon Styles." The quote under the picture reads, "Excuse me Belinda, can you give me bank my tenny show?" The holidays listed are: Ides of Cardgage (March 15, the real holiday is "The Ides of March"), St. Patrick's Day (March 17), Zombie Uprising 2046 (March 31), and No Probalo Day? (one of the blank spaces outside the actual month.)


This page shows the Teen Girl Squad, with Cheerleader saying, "calendars are so boring." (Her shirt reads, "guh earl.") They are being attacked from all sides by a lawnmower, a strange creature, a tentacle, a bull, a lightning bolt, a pile of sludge, eyeballs, a missile labeled "Pukey", and the Arrow'd guy spitting saws and wearing a snake as a tie. The quote under the picture reads, "Let's get ready to LOOK SO GOOD!" The listed holidays are: "Kiss-a-Greg Day (he he he)" (April 1), Easter (April 4), Growlback Spirit Day (April 9), Cheatday (April 18), and Look So Good Day (April 28.)

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