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2010 Calendar

The Homestarrunner.com 2010 Calendar is a calendar that was made available from the Store on December 1, 2009. As well as the normal holidays such as Christmas or St. Patrick's Day, it also includes some completely made-up Homestar Runner holidays. The back of the calendar bosts, "BACK OF CALENDAR! All 12 months!" and the front reads, "Now Includes February!! (Thanks for the tip!!)"



The January page shows a picture of Trogdor drawn in pencil with shading, as he is seen when Strong Bad sings "Trogdor!" in dragon. There is also a peasant with his head on fire, a burning cottage, and the picture of Trogdor "as a man." There are also some hills in the background, and the words "Trogdor the burninator" can be seen in the lower left-hand corner, in Olde English Text MT font. The quote below the picture reads, "Oh yeah. Check out all his majesty."

The various holidays listed are:


The February page shows a picture of Dangeresque, Renaldo, and Dangeresque Too with an explosion appearing in the background. The Gremlin is also poking out, and the word "Dangeresque" can be seen at the bottom. The quote below the picture reads, "Looks like I'm gonna have to jump!" The holidays listed are:


This shows a picture of Homestar Runner wearing a headband and holding up an Air Cardgage shoe (the shoe's logo and name can be seen above the picture.) Senor Cardgage himself can be seen off to the side, and the bottom reads, "Available exclusively at Styles Upon Styles." The quote under the picture reads, "Excuse me Belinda, can you give me bank my tenny show?" The holidays listed are:


This page shows the Teen Girl Squad, with Cheerleader saying, "calendars are so boring." (Her shirt reads, "guh earl.") They are about to be attacked from all sides by a lawnmower, a Growlback, a tentacle, a bull, a lightning bolt with blood on it, a pile of sludge, eyeballs, a missile labeled "Pukey", and the Arrow'd Guy spitting saws and wearing a snake as a tie. The quote under the picture reads, "Let's get ready to LOOK SO GOOD!" The listed holidays are:


This page shows a picture of Limozeen bellow text reading "Keep on Zeenin'!!" Surrounded by that are other pictures of the band, such Gary playing the guitar, the hardest cord ever, Mary drumming with no shirt on, the band from the Limozeen Thanksgiving E-Cards, and the band from the Limozeen Coloring Book. Limozeen is written in the bottom center. The quote under the picture is "We're from the band Limozeen!" The listed holidays are:

  • St. Palaroncini's Day (May 5)
  • Mother's Day (May 9)
  • Leather Pants Festival (May 14)
  • Leather Sock Festival (May 21)
  • Senorial Day (May 24)


This page has the Quote of the week head for the Videlectrix guys on the television from the game catalog menu on the Videlectrix website. Above the television, Videlectrix is written along with the qoute "We use computers... to make video games!" To the left of the television is a graphic from Where's an Egg? To the right is a graphic from Thy Dungeonman 3. Above the television are, from left to right, the box art for Thy Dungeonman, a sprite of Stinkoman, the Pigs on Head box art, and Rather Dashing with the robe and on fire. Below the television, from left to right, there is a distorted head of Vector Strong Bad from Strong Bad Zone, a Trogdor sprite from Trogdor!, the box art for Space Shipper, and the kid from Kid Speedy. The quote under the picture is "What'd I tell you to do?" "To make good graphics" "GOOD GRAPHICS!" The listed holidays are:

  • 5.25-inch floppy Disk Day of Rememberance (June 7)
  • Strong Badia Flag Day (June 14)
  • Father's Day (June 20)
  • Flask-Getting Day (Canada) (June 25)


This page takes place in the field. It has The Cheat with fireworks duct taped to him. Strong Bad is lighting one of the fireworks. Coach Z and Bubs sit in the background. The quote under the picture is "It's dazzle-mazing!" The listed holidays are:


The picture features three sections. The left section shows 1-up holding the blue crystal shard in Mountainous Region with the Shadowy Figure standing in the background. The middle section shows Stinkoman throwing the Cheatball and "lifting small rocks off the ground." The right section shows Pan Pan on Planet K. The quote under the image is "I could be mistaken but are you asking for a CHALLENGE??!" The listed holidays are:

  • Browntant's Birthday (August 6)
  • Lemke (August 13)
  • Power Crunch Thursday! (August 19)
  • National Day of Fighting and Challenge (August 23)


This page shows Old Timey Strong Bad on the left, with The Sneak and Strong Mad behind him, pointing a gun at Old Timey Homestar and Marzipan. Fat Dudley is standing behind them, with Fortwayne Locomotive, Sickly Sam, Rumble Red, and Mr. Shmallow in the middle, between two sections of fence. Behind the right section of fence is The Moon and Old Timey Bubs, and behind the left fence side is Da Vinci's Notebook. The quote under the picture reads, "Well, folks, you know what that means...Now I'll do a dance." The listed holidays are:

  • Laybor Daybor (September 6)
  • Rosh Hashana (September 9)
  • Yom Kippur (September 18)
  • First Contact w/ Rumble Red (September 21)
  • Eat-A-Can-Day (September 27)


This month has a tribute to every single Halloween costume ever worn by every character from every Halloween 'toon. Every single column is one character's costume, and every row is a year (costumes of 2007, 2009, etc.) The colums are (from left to right): Homestar, Bubs, Strong Bad, Pom Pom, Marzipan, Strong Sad, Coach Z, Strong Mad, The Poopsmith, The Cheat, The King of Town, and Homsar. The quote under the picture reads, "Come on in heeeeere!!" The holidays listed are:

  • No Loafing Day (October 6)
  • Columbus Day (October 11)
  • Malloween (October 20)
  • Halloween (October 31)


This page shows a scene from "Let Us Give TANKS!", with Gunhaver exploding out of the turkey and the turkey leg flying past. Behind him are the Cheat Commandos (from left to right): A Blue Laser Trooper, (the rhyming guy...I don't know his name...this article is a stub), Blue Laser Commander, Reynold, (the orphan), (the peach fuzz guy), Ripberger, and Silent Rip. The quote under the picture reads, "I'm thankful for this bountiful Blue Laser Thanksgiving action playset!" The holidays listed are:

  • Veteran's Day (November 11)
  • Blow Up an Ocean Day (November 16)
  • Thanksgiving (Happy T!!)(November 25)
  • Buy All Our Playsets & Toys Day (November 26)
  • Buy All Our Playsets & Toys Online Day (November 29)


This page shows a picture with a green leaf border. It is a snowy day in Free Country, USA, and Homestar (on the far left) is holding up a cup of Hot Jones. Strong Bad is holding up The Cheat so that he can put a carrot onto a snowman..who is actually just Strong Sad, who has a post-it note showing a top hat on his head, a pile of snow covering his body, coal buttons, and sticks where his arms should be. The quote under the picture reads, "Foolish Homestar, Decemberween is not about getting people presents, It's about getting people GOOD presents!"

The holidays listed are:

  • Hanukkah begins (December 2)
  • 12-Times-A-Day Day (December 12)
  • Decemberweeve (December 24)
  • Decemberween (December 25)
  • New Year's Eve (December 31)
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