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Stinko Man K: 20X6

20X6 is a H*R era depicted with stereotypical Japanese animation. Pronounced "Twenty-Exty-Six", this era contains elements of Mega Man and Metroid video games, wherein the year is referred to as 200X/20XX and 20X5, respectively.

20X6 features anime versions of the standard "present era" characters. Beginning with japanese cartoon, Strong Bad becomes Stinkoman, a robot-like character with blue hair who loves fighting and challenges. Homestar Runner becomes 1-Up, a kid with a runny nose who wants to be the guy. Pom Pom becomes a hungry panda bear called Pan Pan. Marzipan, Coach Z and The Cheat also make minor 20X6 appearances.

The action takes place on Planet K, the 20X6 future of Free Country, USA. As seen in time capsule, Stinkoman and 1-Up find "present era" H*R artifacts left in time capsules by Strong Bad and Homestar.

20X6 characters also interact with characters from the 1936 era. In 20X6 vs. 1936, Stinkoman and The Homestar Runner meet for challenges, fighting, and dancing.


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