20X6 Coach Z

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20X6 Coach Z
Coach Z, maybe?
20X6 Coach Z's ship

20X6 Coach Z first appeared in the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu. If you pick up the green "Z" power pill, your ship turns into a Coach Z-styled fighter, and the game-describing avatar becomes the 20X6 version of Coach Z. A mysterious figure seen in Stinkoman 20X6's Level 5, 6, 7, -0 and 9 cutscenes and Twenty THANXty Six bears a strong resemblance to 20X6 Coach Z.

Like modern-day Coach Z, he has no visible mouth. However, he does have more expressive eyes, and even has eyebrows for the first time. Presuming that the Shadowy Figure is 20X6 Coach Z, his body seems to be much larger than normal Coach Z. However, in the Level -0 cutscenes, his arms are the same size as normal Coach Z, so he could be wearing armor or a cape, or sitting in a throne.

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