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"OW! my browser!"

404'd is the Teen Girl Squad-themed error page that comes up when you type in a file name that does not exist in the homestarrunner.com domain.

Page Title: Oops! You bwoke it.

Cast: Strong Bad (voiceover), The Ugly One, Arrow'd Guy


{An explanation, Teen Girl Squad style, appears.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} 404'd!



Boy, you sure are

Were you just making up names of files or what?
i mean, i've seen some pretend file names in my
day, but come on! it's like you're not even trying.

in closing, go away.

{The Ugly One is being impaled by arrows coming from the Arrow'd Guy's mouth. Her speech balloon reads "OW! my browser!"}

Fun Facts

  • The image on the right of the message is a modified version of a shot from both comic and Teen Girl Squad Issue 1, where The Ugly One is arrowed.
  • If you get a 404 error while in a different directory from the root directory (e.g. www.homestarrunner.com/stinkogame/), the Flash files for 404'd and the navigation bar will not load. This is due to relative linking.
  • There are nine arrows sticking into The Ugly One, but twelve heads are visible.
  • From September 25 to October 9, 2006, for unknown reasons, a 404 error wouldn't bring up this page, bringing up the stock IIS 404 error message instead.

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