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A mountain of power-ups, ammo, medkits, extra lives, shields, coins, bananas...

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People has many responses when you talk to various characters and interact with various objects. These are the responses from Crates in 8-Bit Is Enough.

On these pages, A → B (right arrow) means that the response happens when object A is used on thing B, or in the case of talking to other characters, the indicated sequence of chat topic icons are chosen.

A short horizontal line between two or more responses, such as the one above, means only one of the responses is heard at a time, and that the action results in a different response each time it occurs.




STRONG BAD: I've been in enough of these quote-unquote "adventure" games to guess that this thing's supposed to hold rivets.

STRONG BAD: Intriguing. Or... dare I say? Riveting.


STRONG BAD: It's a mile-high pile of videogame crates! Where were YOU guys when I needed a power-up in Hallway Warriors III, huh?

STRONG BAD: I'm getting dizzy just looking at that mountain of power-ups, ammo, medkits, extra lives, shields, coins, bananas... {almost throws up} ...urp. Whoa, maybe a little nauseous.

Snake Boxer → Crates

STRONG BAD: Snake Boxer's good, but I don't think even HE could smash ALL those crates.

Light Musket

STRONG BAD: {taking the musket} All right! The light musket peripheral from "Spirit of '76"! Complete with photonic ramrod and frequency frisson. {takes those as well} With this baby, I'll be able to blast wavelengths of liberty and all sorts of stuff!
{The instructions for using the musket comes down, printed on what looks like The Paper}
INSTRUCTIONS: Equip the light musket by selecting it in your inventory. Use the right mouse button to fire your light musket.

{after taking the first musket and reopening the crate}
STRONG BAD: I don't need a cheap, rip-off respawned light musket. I've already got the much cooler original.

Lone Crate

STRONG BAD: I'd bet most of Strong Sad's savings that THIS crate has something interesting in it. {pushes himself against the box} Errrp! {backs away} Well, THAT'S not opening.

STRONG BAD: {pushes himself against the box} Errrp! {backs away}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {pops up} Too bad you're not a videogame-type character, 'cause then you'd be able to just punch your way into that crate. {vanishes}

Snakes → Crate

STRONG BAD: Okay, guys, I realize I'm asking a lot from a bunch of pixelated snakes with, at most, a dozen or so lines of code between them, but could you just sit here on this crate and, uh... slither for a while?
{He puts the snakes on the side of the crate, where they slither}
STRONG BAD: Cool! Thanks.

STRONG BAD: {singing while putting the snakes on the crate} Snakes on a crate...

{Strong Bad puts the snakes on the crates without saying anything.}

{removing the snakes from the crate}
STRONG BAD: Come, my snakes, back into the safety of my pants.

Snake Boxer → Crate

{If the crate doesn't have snakes on it}
STRONG BAD: All right, Snake Boxer, do your stuff!
{A blue dialog box appears reading "Snake Boxer: ..."}
STRONG BAD: Why won't he hit that?
{Homestar pops up}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Guy's got a thing for snakes, Strong Bad. Don't ask him about it, he get real quiet and does that thousand-yard stare.
STRONG BAD: Oh yeah.

{If the crate has the snakes on it}
STRONG BAD: {mimicking a boxing ring announcer} In the slimy green corner, weighing in at, uh... 800 pounds, is a crate covered in snakes! And in the blue corner, weighing in at 128 pixels, is the flatland flattener, the asp assassin, the python pounder, the one and only... a-SNAKE BOXER!!
{Snake Boxer approaches the crate and punches it a few times. The crate opens up, revealing the contents therein: a light musket. The snakes slither off}
STRONG BAD: That was quick. Those snakes must've taken a dive.

{Snake Boxer punches the crate and breaks it. The snakes slither back to Strong Bad and he takes what else was inside.}
STRONG BAD: It's the box for the "Videlectrix Halfathlon"! Voted "Best Sports-Related Game" by Videlectrix Power magazine for three years running!

The Poopsmith

STRONG BAD: Yo, Poopsmith!
{The Poopsmith holds up a sign saying "Let's build something".}
STRONG BAD: {confused} What?
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {appears on screen} Pssst. Strong Bad. Just between you, me, and the interface layer, I don't think the Poopsmith's playin' with a full bucket. He thinks he's Mista Fixit from that old construction-worker game. {vanishes}
STRONG BAD: Wow, that's old-school! {to the Poopsmith} Well, "Fixit", how would you like to join me in my epic quest to, um, rebuild reality? It's one heck of a fixer-upper!
{The Poopsmith looks down at the bucket near him and holds up a sign showing a cluster of black dots.}
STRONG BAD: {puzzled} What is that? Buckshot? Chicken feed? A bunch of ellipses? Is that it? Do you need ellipses?

STRONG BAD: C'mon, Poop- {quickly corrects himself} Mista Fixit, join my party, it'll be fun. There'll be hammers!
{The Poopsmith looks down at his bucket and holds up the sign showing the black dot cluster again.}
STRONG BAD: {defeated} Fine, I'll find you some... whatever that picture is.

Pebbles → The Poopsmith

Note that Pebbles → Bucket has the same effect.
STRONG BAD: {puts the pebbles in the bucket} Hey, uh, "Mista". I think I found some rivets! At least I think they're rivets... I guess they could be grapes... or nickels...
{The Poopsmith holds up a sign with 2 exclamation points on it.}
STRONG BAD: Cool! So you'll join my party?
{The Poopsmith holds up the sign that said "Let's Build Something" from earlier.}
STRONG BAD: That's what I'm talkin' about!
{The bucket, the Poopsmith's spade and his hat vanish one by one before he vanishes himself.}
ON-SCREEN TEXT: MISTA FIXIT has joined your party!

Snake Boxer

Upon getting close

{Strong Bad walks forward, but starts backing away when he sees something punching near his feet.}
STRONG BAD: Whoa, I almost stepped in... Snake Boxer?
{Cut to an aerial view showing Snake Boxer on the ground}
STRONG BAD: Oh, I get it. I almost didn't see you there, what with you being two-dimensional and all.
{A blue dialogue box appears at the bottom of the screen reading "Snake Boxer: ..."}

STRONG BAD: Y'know, your blocky fists of fury could come in pretty handy. Wanna join my party to save reality?
SNAKE BOXER: {on-screen caption} ... {vanishes}
ON-SCREEN TEXT: SNAKE BOXER has joined your party!
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