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This is a list of all the @StrongBadActual Tweets from 2019.


Text / Transcript Date / Link
Video thumbnail for 3 Apr 2019
Just tinkering. Still don't quite know what I'm gonna do with these neural network-generated sbemails from @JanelleCShane . Might be more like a podcast? There are lotsa them and they are all INSANE.

Video Transcript

{Strong Bad is holding an e-mail printed on The Paper}

STRONG BAD: {reading} Hey there Strong Bad! I think your dream robot should have a pom-pom-pom. Also, you should have a computer designed for its role in society. Matt, North Dakota. Again, you're really tipping your hand here, Neural Network. Both mentioning robots and then kinda demanding that computers should have roles in society. What kind of role did you have in mind, Matt? ROBOT OVERLORD?! Are you not happy with your role as a computer that gets fed tons of useless data so it can produce poorly-replicated results that we can all laugh at?

Fun Facts

  • The email Strong Bad reads is one of the emails from the neural network linked in an earlier tweet, and mentions Robots.
3 Apr 2019

Video thumbnail for 2 Apr 2019
I just love this so much.

Video Transcript

{A tiny Strong Bad head is standing at the base of a giant Tandy 400. Zoom out as the room shrinks. The room rotates as a dwarf Strong Bad shoves the Tandy 400 off the table. Strong Bad then reaches to the side and pulls out a massive Compy 386 computer, hoisting it onto the desk.}

Fun Facts

The video is a modified version of the intro for strongbad_email.exe Disc Two.

2 Apr 2019

She really did it! @JanelleCShane ran all the senders' emails from all my sbemails (thanks http://hrwiki.org !) through a discount neural network! It's a little terrifying how on point its results are!
This Tweet links to Discount Strong Bad Emails
1 Apr 2019

For April Fool's day this year, I wish Bubs would feed all my sbemails into his discount neural network and see what kinda insane, eyeball-covered gold it would spit out.
30 Mar 2019

Video thumbnail for 28 Mar 2019
Me and Strong Sad -in a rare collaborative moment- in 2002 butchering classics by both @realSeBADoh and @_GuidedByVoices at the same time!

Video Transcript

{Strong Sad and Strong Bad are sitting on the couch watching the VCR together. Strong Sad is holding a guitar. Guitar music plays.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Seeing all the things I've seen. Maybe I should go away for a wine. Maybe I shouldn't smile so much. Uh... he's sharpening his teeth, for everyone... did you really think that you were the only one? Buzzards and dreadful crows. {talking} That's a... that's a different band.

28 Mar 2019

Video thumbnail for 25 Mar 2019
A slowish jam from my past. Just the timeless story of a guy waiting in line, demanding random baked goods from the woman in front of him. No more, no less. #grumblecakes

Video Transcript

See Grumblecakes (video)

25 Mar 2019

Tweet image for 20 Mar 2019
Oh great, @tuneyards. Now Strong Sad is all cheesed at me because I went on the @JoCoCruise and didn't get you to sign this weird album fan art he made. I told him that's several kinds of messed up but he insisted you would understand.
20 Mar 2019

Although if Katie Mack (@AstroKatie) had done a Craig Mack tribute, that woulda been pretty awesome also.
18 Mar 2019

People from @JoCoCruise '19 keep focusing on @QuelleChris's extendo-dab, but me and Coach Z think his Craig Mack tribute was the highlight. #flavainyaear
18 Mar 2019

Tweet image for 17 Mar 2019
Let us celebrate today with a gif of one of the only appropriate examples I could find. Newly colored for 2019!
17 Mar 2019

Tweet image for 9 Mar 2019
Forget hidden MouseMans! Passengers on the @JoCoCruise should be on the lookout for hidden Trogdors this week!
9 Mar 2019

Tweet image for 8 Mar 2019
Trog-cation All I ever wanted Trog-cation Had to get away
8 Mar 2019

Tweet image for 7 Mar 2019
Passengers on the @JoCoCruise, this is what I'm bout to endure so I can come play the Trogdor board game with y'alls on the boat. There is NO WORSE traveling companion than sidewise eyes puppet Homestar! (and possibly Strong Sad's severed arm?!)
7 Mar 2019

Tweet image for 5 Mar 2019
Another legend leaves us. We'll always have the time I drew King Kong Bundy in a Teen Girl Squad, executing a Big Splash from off a playground slide.

Fun Facts

5 Mar 2019


Text / Transcript Date / Link
Tweet image for 10 Feb 2019
This is def on of my favs.

Fun Facts

10 Feb 2019

Peoples keep sending me this comic movie website that's all Web 0.0. Lemme just remind all y'alls that Strong Bad unironically made an awesome/terrible website a million years ago with way better gifs and a proper broken hit counter. http://homestarrunner.com/sbsite/

Fun Facts

Strong Bad's Website was first presented in the Strong Bad Email website.

10 Feb 2019

Video thumbnail for 8 Feb 2019
In this week's edition of 'More Stuff Phife Dawg Inspired in Sbemail History,' we look at an easter egg from Sbemail 119: 'Animal' and the origin of my favorite wardrobe provider.

Video Transcript

{Fade in to the Easter egg from the Strong Bad Email "animal". The Deep Sea Fangly Fish is sitting on a counter with its lights flashing.

GENERIC ANNOUNCER: Second place contestants receive Deep Sea Fangly Fish. Promotional considerations by Sterrance.

{The words "Mr. Bad's Wadrobe provided by Styles Upon Styles" fades in}

GENERIC ANNOUNCER: Strong Bad's wardrobe furnished by...

{Cut to a music video. A rap artist with his eyes covered with plastic hits his finger against his palm as he raps.}

PHIFE DAWG: Styles upon styles upon styles is what I have! You want it just to fight for but you still don't know the hap!

{The music video stops, the text from before returns, and the commercial music resumes playing. The Homestar Runner head lure drops in from the left. Words appear below as he talks.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER LURE: Steep prices and trees!

Fun Facts

As stated in the Tweet, Styles Upon Styles is a clothing store introduced in animal.

8 Feb 2019

Video thumbnail for 7 Feb 2019
It's no 'wagon fulla', but @fancybane did a pretty good slopjob with these pancakes!

Video Transcript

{A pancake shaped like Strong Bad's head sits on a griddle. Music begins to play.}

PANCAKE STRONG BAD: {singing} I'm a girl, or maybe a Strong Bad, made out of pancaaakes!

{Cut to a pancake shaped like Homestar's head. Music plays.}

PANCAKE HOMESTAR RUNNER: A Homestar made of pamcakes? In the champeenship? I'd like to see me try!

{Fade to black}

Fun Facts

Both songs are from montage, where the Wagon Fulla Pancakes was first introduced.

7 Feb 2019

Tweet image for 1 Feb 2019
'Member the explodey collar app? If your device doesn't go into lockdown when it sees a Flash file, then have a go at it yourself! Can be very cathartisfying for those stuck at computers all day. https://homestarrunner.com/kotcollar.html

Fun Facts

The remote control collar head explosion game was first introduced in the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Developer's Blog.

1 Feb 2019


Text / Transcript Date / Link
Video thumbnail for 31 Jan 2019
While we're on the subject of SBCG4AP, here's a little forgotten protest gem from the end credits of Episode 2. It's as if that song One Tin Soldier left its keys in a taxi and this song is the gross leather keychain from someplace in Arizona!

Video Transcript

{The Stave It Off Guy is sitting on a stool, strumming a guitar. The words "Justice Combo Meal by Stave It Off Guy" are in the corner}

SINGERS: Come on, everybody, now, can't you hear the wind blow?

{The words "just listen" fade in, then later fade out}

SINGERS: We don't like the King of Town making people's heads explode! What's the price of freedom, man? Can you cut me a deal? A crate of wholesale liberty, or a justice combo meal?

{The words "there's only this looping animation" fade in, then out}

SINGERS: So gather 'round, short children. Listen to what I sing. Remember those who went to waaaaar... all for creamy dings.

{The words "nothing else to see really" fade in, then out}

SINGERS: Come on, everybody now, can't you hear the wind blow? We don't like the King of Town making people's heads explode!

STRONG BAD: My head!

{The words "oh, except for this:" fade in, then out}

SINGERS: So come on, everybody now, can't you hear the wind blow?

{Close up on the Stave It Off Guy's mustache}

SINGERS: We don't like the King of Town making people's heads explode!

{A pair of yellow eyes open on the mustache, and a single tear wells and drops off}

STAVE IT OFF GUY: That was nice.

Fun Facts

31 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 30 Jan 2019
Ah yes, @The_BaconStrip, the slip cover dvd release. I think they might have put just a liiiittle bit less effort into that one (backwards Homsar, backwards Coach Z, ripped-from-a-swf Strong Mad complete with weird Flash masking issue on his mouth).
30 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 30 Jan 2019
Here's the Videlecdiculous text from the back of the box.
30 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 30 Jan 2019
For those asking about a physical release of SBCG4AP, there was a very brief one for the PC version! It had this awesome reversible cover with hidden Videlectrix goodness (with amazing 2600 art by @markdarin I believe?).
30 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 30 Jan 2019
In honor of the death of the Wii Shop Channel, I will repost this interview I did with Nintendo Power about SBCG4AP. Note how I refuse to take their Chuck Norris-bait and give Skulltulas a shout.
30 Jan 2019

Video thumbnail for 26 Jan 2019
Sbemail Factoid: did you know that the email song from 'dragon' is an homage to Phife Dawg's flow from La Schmoove by the Fu-Schnickens?

Video Transcript

{Strong Bad is sitting at the Compy 386, typing in his e-mail client}

STRONG BAD: {rapping} Here I go once again with the e-mail. Every week I hope it is from a female.

{Cut to a man rapping within a large crowd}

PHIFE DAWG: {rapping} Here I go once again with the ill-so! All the MCs, their rap style is so-so!

{Cut back to Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: Here I go once again—

{Cut back to Phife Dawg}

PHIFE DAWG: —with the ill-so! All the MCs, their rap style is—

{Cut back to Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: —e-mail!

26 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 25 Jan 2019
Ah, that's clearly the stickly-armed Wingalasaurus Trog, a Surreptaceous Era ancestor of the modern beefy armed burninator. @GoogleDoodles wouldn't know beefy if it came up and punched em in the face!
25 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 25 Jan 2019
That rules! But he's so tiny! He's like the Minish Trog!
25 Jan 2019

Though Puffed Salt Dries do claim to be a 'soup-or-food.' Y'know, cause they're pretty sure it's at least ONE of those things.
23 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 23 Jan 2019
To be clear, these are NOT the official munchies of the CGNU dorms. That honor goes to Cheap as Free Food Service's Potato-Glanced Puffed Salt Dries. (yes, they are trying to pass off a 'dry' as a type of snack medium) Available in ranch and thrice-ranch!
23 Jan 2019

Video thumbnail for 20 Jan 2019
Not sure why I deleted this awesome line and easter egg from sbemail208. Maybe because I didn't want to get in the middle of the "looptie-loo vs. looby lou" debate. Trust me, you do NOT wanna kick that hornet's nest!

Video Transcript

{ACheap As Free Little Golden Book titled "Here we Go, Looptie-Loo! (and nothing more)" by Old Maid Bevulon Sportsinterviews with three bored children on the cover hovers in front of the Lappier}

STRONG BAD: Sincerely, Mollie B. Chowderworth Gruelmanger. Y'know, of the Puntington Farms Gruelmangers. Now you sound like an important adjacent historical figure! She's the lady that discovered going looptie-lie! It used to just be looptie-loo! And Saturday night wasn't even involved!

20 Jan 2019

Video thumbnail for 18 Jan 2019
I found more old dvd menu tests! Watch as I boot my The Cheatbrick into Fisher Price Strong Sad!

Video Transcript

{a 3D, CGI Strong Bad walks into the office. He has no mouth.}

STRONG BAD: And all the ladies say {TGS Voice} Strong Bad is on point!

{Strong Bad flips a switch, and cringes as the rave lights blink and techno music plays. Strong Bad screams and flips it off}

STRONG BAD: Wrong switch.

{The camera turns across the room showing the window with the sycamore, the desk with the Compy 386, and an incompletely-rendered CGI Strong Sad in the doorway on the far end}

STRONG BAD: My mouth tastes like... DVDs. Hey, The Cheat!

{Strong Bad kicks an incompletely-rendered yellow block into the incompletely-rendered Strong Sad. Strong Sad falls over. Camera turns back to Strong Bad at the desk}

STRONG BAD: A direct hit!

{Strong Bad jumps onto the stool. A white box drops down from the top of the screen}

STRONG BAD: The Paper, show these morons what to do!

18 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 15 Jan 2019
THIS is the kinda stuff you find on Strong Sad's old hard drives. In a folder called "Chef's Whims" no less!

Image Transcript

{A head with a helmet made of clay sitting on a pedestal in a glass dome rotates around on a black, starry background. The animation loops}

15 Jan 2019

Also Happy *Trogday. Autocorrect knows not to change 'Trogdor' anymore but now it freakin' changes 'Trogday' to 'Trogdor!'
13 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 13 Jan 2019
Happy Trogdor! Let's celebrate Trogdor's big 16th by posting your fave Trog-sighting or Trogdor-shaped item! Here's mine!
13 Jan 2019

Video thumbnail for 12 Jan 2019
Sorry @Lin_Manuel, I chickened out on screaming "It's over!" at the end of your performance. Instead I butchered the lyrics to your styles!

Video Transcript

{In front of a building where the promotional image for the Hamilton musical is prominently displayed. Zoom out. The Strong Bad plush doll pops up.}

STRONG BAD: {rapping} I'm Strong-Lawrence in the place to be! Two pints of Cold Ones but I'm workin' on three! Do what I do, professionally, but to tell the truth I am exactly what I want to be... {stops rapping} Oh. I mixed up my hip hop styles.

12 Jan 2019

Video thumbnail for 10 Jan 2019
Check out this old dvd intro previs nightmare! Why does Homestar look like he's got a wireframe cheek fulla chaw?

Video Transcript

{The Everybody! Everybody! song plays throughout. A pre-rendered grayscale of the words "Homestar Runner" are onscreen. A prerendered wireframe Homestar Runner strolls past the word "Homestar" from right to left, then scrolls across the word "Runner" from left to right. Halfway through the word, the camera focuses on Homestar from teh front. He flips the letters of the word has he passes, and the final letter converts into an h*r logo. Homestar fills the screen.}

{Cut to Homestar's wireframe feet. Then cut to Homestar's wireframe face in front of the website intro. Homestar moves off-screen as a round wireframe ball comes into view. Zoom in on the ball.}

{A wireframe Homestar Runner is strolling along the outside of the wireframe ball past some wireframe hills. Zoom in closer on Homestar. Blue ovals and red squares pass him by.}

{Cut to wireframe Homestar as seen from below. Pan up to his head.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Everybody! La-DVD-do!

{The music cuts out}

HOMESTAR: {singing} Everybody! La-DVD-do!

10 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 09 Jan 2019
Here's last night's livestream playthrough of Trogdor!! The Board Game in case you missed it. JIBBLIES WARNING: Puppet Marshie may appear without warning. https://live.kickstarter.com/homestar-runner/live-stream/trogdor-playthrough-with-strong-bad-and-friends
09 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 08 Jan 2019
Thanks to everybody who watched the livestream playthrough with these jokers! Can't wait to get the game into the hands of all o' dang y'all! Paper Rat forev!
08 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 08 Jan 2019
In 20 mins! Livestreamery playthrough! Join us for fun! (It'll get archived for those who can't)
08 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 08 Jan 2019
Kong! I meant Diddy Kong, autocorrect! Diddy King is the name of the last northern Indiana Dairy Queen ripoff I would ever stop at!
08 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 08 Jan 2019
This is like the soundtrack to my unrealized Tinstar-like Super Scope Six game! (it goes to a very Diddy King Racing place in the middle there)
08 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 07 Jan 2019
Join puppet me + humans Mike, Lucky Yates, and Ryan Sterritt tomorrow night at 8pm EST for a livestream playthrough of Trogdor!! The Board Game. Against my better judgement, I will crowdsource all my moves in the game from chat suggestions! https://live.kickstarter.com/homestar-runner/live/trogdor-playthrough-with-strong-bad-and-friends
07 Jan 2019

Tweet image for 4 Jan 2019
I'm a day late, but as you can guess, the Announcer is pretty bummed at the passing of Mean Gene. He took inspiration from Gene's ability to stay calm in the face of sweaty, dinosaur tranquilizer-fueled rants.

Fun Facts

  • The GIF is from yes, wrestling.
    • The phrase "dinosaur tranquilizer-fueled [rants]" also originated from the email.
  • "Mean" Gene Okerlund was a wrestling interviewer, announcer, and television host. He died two days prior to the Tweet.
4 Jan 2019
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