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This is a list of all the @StrongBadActual Tweets from 2021.


Text / Transcript Date / Link
Stinkoman got animated like this so he's covered for birthday presents for the next decade.
This Tweet links to Template:ytbl on YouTube.
This Tweet is a reply to @Karolicker, who replied to the previous Tweet, asking where Stinkoman's party was in reference to Happy Trogday.
13 Jan 2021

Tweet image for 13 Jan 2021
18 years ago today, I drew a little dragon and screamed a little song. Come celebrate #Trogday with the first new homepage in over 10 years.
13 Jan 2021

Don't worry. He's not.
This Tweet is a reply to @Pocomouse, who replied to the previous Tweet saying they never knew the King of Town was named King Castlefunny.
11 Jan 2021

Video thumbnail for 11 Jan 2021
Who do you think would win in a vintage cold ones signage battle? King Castlefunny or that Hamms Bear? I'm betting the King fries and eats Bear in three rounds.
(kot art by @babypopdipstick)

Video Transcript

{A bar sign: the left side resembles a stone tower with an LED display simulating a beer glass filling and emptying. The right side has a picture of King Castlefunny and a beer glass, and the words 'King Castlefunny proclaimeth: "The Glass is ALWAYS half-full with" Frothman's LITE'.}

ANNOUNCER: Here at Frothman's Lite, we're way more concerned with cool, throwback-y signage than we are with a cold one that tastes any good.

11 Jan 2021

This has been discussed.
This Tweet links to Homestar Runner Squintmojis on YouTube.
This Tweet is a reply to @RABlDCHILD, who posted a series of emojis, saying they looked like Strong Bad.
6 Jan 2021

By going to homestarrunner.com right now where you can watch the original cartoons without flash on all devices and in all browsers thanks to a project called Ruffle!
This Tweet is a reply to @bethahop, who asked how she could watch Homestar Runner without Flash.
6 Jan 2021

Video thumbnail for 5 Jan 2021
Aw man! How come @npr didn't use this great clip of me rippin' on public radio instead?!

Also apparently me and my dumb animal character companions are a "cool early experiment!" Sounds dangerous, not-peer-reviewed, and unstable! I like it!
This Tweet quotes @mcolles, who linked to NPR's segment on the death of Flash, in which Homestar Runner was given a shoutout.

Video Transcript

See public radio segment of radio.

5 Jan 2021

Yes. Someday.
This Tweet is a reply to @AlucardsQuest, who replied to the Intro Cinematic Tweet asking if there was any chance of a console port of Videlectrix games.
4 Jan 2021

No you don't understand, the real Homsar said this while raking corn starch into a shag carpet! I recorded it and matched it up with this fan's puppet video!
This Tweet is a reply to @bortman0, who replied to the previous Tweet noting that what Homsar said made sense.
4 Jan 2021

Video thumbnail for 4 Jan 2021
I did it @gabemcfrank! I got Homestar and Homsar to say stuff that matches your ancient homemade fan puppets! I crap you not, they just said this stuff throughout the normal course of their day! Apparently, Homestar constantly addresses an invisible audience of "kids."
This Tweet quotes the same @gabemcfrank Tweet as before.

Video Transcript

{Homestar's puppet pops up in front of a curtain.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Laaaaa! Oh hello kids! I'm fish face broken buzzer Homestar Runner! Byyye!

{He disappears. Cut to Homsar's puppet.}

HOMSAR: AaAaAaA! Don't look now, but I'm a felt tube in portrait mode!

{He disappears.}

4 Jan 2021

These are amazing! Pime cone Bubs is inspired! And that Trogdorvski crystal Strong Sad is just begging to be cat swatted!
This Tweet quotes @EnduringBeta, whose partner made a number of ornaments inspired by Decemberween Short Shorts.
3 Jan 2021

Tweet image for Jan 2021
Known issues. On hold with tech support now.
This Tweet is a reply to @colincidence, who reported that homestarrunner.com was down.
Jan 2021

These are perfect! They accurately reflect what droopy bags both Homestar and Homsar are in real life! Send me some video of them in action and I'll see if I can trick those two into recording voices!
This Tweet is a reply to @gabemcfrank, who shared Homestar Runner and Homsar puppets he made as a child.
3 Jan 2021

Read the warning below the screen. Ruffle can't do blurrytimes yet
This Tweet is a reply to @Hudson8675309, who reported that Main Page 24 was not blurry.
1 Jan 2021

Stinkoman is AS2, not 3. Biggest issue is Ruffle choking on external files that hold all the level data. Currently, in the Ruffle version, you can watch level intro cutscenes and read the manual and play levels 3.1 and 3.2 since they don't load from external files.
This Tweet is a reply to @bemusedHorseman and @GabePuratekuta, who were discussing Stinkoman 20X6 not working in Ruffle due to its use of ActionScript.
1 Jan 2021

Good catch! Fixed it up so nice!
This Tweet is a reply to @tcy_alex, who noted that a buggy version of the Strong Bad Email your friends had been uploaded to the new website.
1 Jan 2021

btdubz: Stinkoman still appears to be playable in Chrome for the time being if you have flash enabled:
This Tweet is a reply to the Tweet about the intro cinematic.
1 Jan 2021

There's a warning under the game about that. Stinkoman doesn't work in Ruffle in the first place and this version sorta works (only level 3! Your fave I'm sure!) which is better than a 404 page. It's aaaaaaall being worked on and in progress.
This Tweet is a reply to @thunderzizi, who reported that the Stinkoman 20X6 version linked from the games menu only went up to level 4.
1 Jan 2021

Tweet image for 1 Jan 2021

This Tweet was pinned.

Finally, witness the Stinkoman 20X6 intro cinematic by @SmallBuStudio in full-em-on HD! (Props to everybody who earned this by beating the game!)

1 Jan 2021

They're all hidden on the sbemail menu! (not on mobile currently)
This Tweet is a reply to @Spy_waffles, who asked if the scroll button songs were gone for good after the homestarrunner.com update.
1 Jan 2021
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