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Bonanza it is not

A. Chimendez is a hack scriptwriter for various low quality television programs. He or she may be a television equivalent of Lem Sportsinterviews.

The name A. Chimendez is similar to B. Melendez, who is best known as the animator and producer of the Peanuts television specials.

Known Scripts

Other Chimendezes

Story by Youdbetterbelieveit Chimendez

A. Chimendez Jr. wrote the Cheat Commandos episode "Movie Night!". It is unclear if this writer is the son of A. Chimendez or if this is A. Chimendez's full name.

In highschool, another Chimendez, Youdbetterbelieveit Chimendez, wrote the story for an episode of "The Homestar Runner Mysfit-steries".

The window title of Let us give TANKS! reads "A Very Tremendous Chimendez Thanksgiving".

The script for The Limozeen Advantage was written by F.A.O. Chimendez.

Sickly Sam's Big Outing was based on the vaudeville stylings of Wibe Chimendez.

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