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Several characters appear in action figure form. All the figures are made by Cheap as Free Toys, designated for ages 3–5, and priced at $11.01.

Many of the main characters appear as muscular, exaggerated versions of themselves. The Cheat Commandos figure line is much more on-model.


[edit] Main Characters

All figures appeared in action figure.

Image Character Tagline Defining Traits
Strong Bad Exciting Action Man Chinese Throwing Croissant!!
Severe Double Deuce Action!
Smells Like Hotcakes!
Coach Z Green Colored Hero High-Pitched Super Sonic Whistle
Butt-Patting Action
Strong Mad Action Toy He's The Biggest One!
Friends With The Cheat!
Pom Pom Action Fighting Guy Secret Cell Phone!
The Ladies Choice!
Strong Sad Action-like Figurine Atomic Calligraphy Pen!!
Extreme Whining And Crying!
Homestar Runner Super Action Doll Spiked Battle Marshmallows
No Arms! Like Real Life!

[edit] Cheat Commandos

Image Character Tagline Defining Traits Appearance
Gunhaver Stylin' Coat Cool Glasses!
Has a Gun!
Probably from Texas!
Cheat Commandos
Flashfight In Charge of Stuff!! Three Medals!
Almost Sounds Like "Flashlight"
Five Buttons!
Fightgar Not the Most Popular!! Red Cloth!
Probably Has A Raspy Voice!!
Needs To Shave!!
Silent Rip But Deadly!! Two(2) Pockets!
Communicates Via That Microphone Attached to His Helmet!
Same Size As The Rest!!
Crackotage Action!! Museum Quality!
Master Locksmith, Perhaps!
Listens To Jazz!!
Reinforcements The One That Coach Z Bought!! Sweet Camos!
Justice Rocket Backpack!!
Hard to See!!
Firebert Yellow Dog!! Black Hat!
Not a Good Commando Name!!
That One Little Guy!!
Ripberger Stealthy!! Black "Gloves!"
He's Not Wearing Pajamas!
This One Wears Red!
Foxface Lady Type! Natural haircolor!
Totally Has It Together!
Not One of The Guys!!
Reynold Civilian Contractor!! Fake Tie!
Favorite Drink: Milk!!
Not A Blackbelt!!
Ser-g-geant Marshie A Marshmallow, Not a Cottonball!! Creepier Than Most!
A Green Helmet!!
His first initial is 'M'
Cheat Commandos...O's
Oliver Smidgen Raised By a Distant Relative!! Needs A Bath... Bad!
Child Labor?!
Turn of the Century!
Let us give TANKS!
Reynold's Brother Doesn't Care About Much!! Oxy Clean
Born in the Nineties!
Next Gen Gamepad!
Gunk Iller He Be Illin'! Gunk All Over!
The Hip-Hop Lingo!
Draws a web comic!
web comics
Green Helmets Discount Action 3-pack!
Extra Melty!
Naw, It's Cool!
Cheat Commandos: Two Part Episode: Part 1
Gunhavette Takes No Guff! Ob'm know. Maybe eat it, kids. Fan Costumes 2016
Firebert Decemberween Limited Edition So Very Festive!
Includes Nutmeg & Grater!
Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack

[edit] Other

Image Character Tagline Defining Traits Appearance
Peanut Strong Bad Homemade Peanut Warrior Museum Quality
Smells Like Peanut Action!
action figure
Jaunty Plumarenne
(Bubs dressed as Jack Flack)
Action-like Figurine Baguette Bazooka
Bulletproof Beret
The Show: Ween Edition

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