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Strong Bad's age, protected by a sect of closely guarded monks high atop the Coches Mountains.

Although the ages of the characters are left intentionally ambiguous, there are some indications, albeit contradictory, of their ages.


Coach Z and Bubs

  • email narrator — Strong Bad refers to them as "old men".
  • email caffeine — Coach Z refers to himself as "an old man".
  • Fall Float Parade (Easter egg) — Homestar Runner calls Bubs "Old Mr. Bubs".
  • email isp — Strong Bad calls Bubs "Old Man Bubs".
  • email what I want and Decemberween Short Shorts — Coach Z's visage is featured on an ornament from 1974.
  • email senior prom — Coach Z is apparently old enough to be the 'chaperon' of the senior prom.

Homestar Runner

  • Homestar recalls getting 22 butt pats from Coach Z in 1984 (trading cards), so he must have been alive at that time.
  • In the sbemail highschool, Homestar was older than all of the characters that appeared as babies.
  • email senior prom — Homestar is apparently young enough to be a participant in what is supposedly a high school prom.


  • In the Lil' Strong Bad video in stand-up, Coach Z mentions "Little Marzipan", implying that Marzipan and Strong Bad are around the same age. Coach Z, meanwhile, is full-sized, indicating that he is substantially older than Strong Bad.
  • email senior prom — Marzipan is apparently young enough to be a participant in what is supposedly a high school prom.

Strong Bad

  • Strong Bad is older than Strong Sad (depressio; different town; but younger than Strong Mad (the facts).
  • Strong Bad and Strong Sad were kids at the same time, so they are probably close in age (The Secrets That I Keep).
  • In the email stand-up, Lil' Strong Bad is shown to be younger than Coach Z.
  • Since Strong Bad often refers to doing things in 1987, such as checking what Japanese cartoons are called (TrogdorCon '97), he was presumably born before this.
    • Yet, in the photograph from the email 2 years, he does not look that much younger than he does today, even though said photograph dates from 1987.
  • The email looking old is about Strong Bad's attempts to stay relevant to a younger audience. He never states his exact age however.
    • Also in looking old, when Strong Bad says he is going to "relate to some 18-24 year olds", he goes to Strong Sad. Since they were kids at the same time, Strong Bad has to be around that age.

Strong Mad

Strong Sad

  • Strong Sad is the youngest of The Brothers Strong.
  • According to boring (really), Strong Sad was not yet born in 1916.
  • In looking old (released January 22, 2007), Strong Bad visits with Strong Sad after vowing to "relate to some 18–24 year olds".

The King of Town

  • In the email space program, The King of Town claims to be "in [his] sixties".

Teen Girl Squad

  • In Issue 5, Cheerleader claims that they are in college, while So And So claims that they are in 8th grade. It is implied that Cheerleader is lying.
  • In Issue 3, Strong Bad states that the Teen Girl Squad are between the ages of 13 and 19.
  • In Issue 9, What's Her Face claims to have had her driver's license for over a year. Given that American teenagers get their license around age 16, this would put What's Her Face around the age of 17.

Trogdor and Stinkoman

  • As seen in Happy Trogday, Trogdor's birthday is the day that dragon debuted (January 13, 2003), making him 17 years old. Likewise, Stinkoman's birthday is the day that japanese cartoon debuted (January 6, 2003), possibly making him 17 years old.
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