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"Well, Strong Sad, it means they really like you."

"All up ons" is a saying meaning "to really like you"; an example sentence is "The ladies are all up ons", meaning "The ladies really like you".


  • Email suntan — The origin of the saying: Strong Bad made Strong Sad to say it in an advertisement for the Ab-Abber 2000. The Ab-Abber's slogan is "They'll be all up ons!" This may be a variation of the phrase "all up on us" used by Strong Bad earlier in the same e-mail.
  • Hallrunner — When you face an object, the game says "You come all up on an object."
  • Hip Hop DanceCoach Z's CD is called "The Z Is All Up Ins", a variant of the term.
  • Email dreamailFemale Lappy 486 tells Strong Bad that in replying to his email he played well and that "Those ladies are sure to be all up ons."
  • Email lady fan — In a panel of the comic Buck Webb, Extraordinaire, Strong Bad advises the sender of the email to drop his girlfriend if she is not all up ons after all the advice Strong Bad has given the sender.
  • Thy Dungeonman 3 — Near the beginning of the game, the phrase "shimmy all up on the dead dongrel" is used.
  • Email senior prom — The dance attended is called the "Entrapment All Upon the Moon"
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