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== Tails and his GBA 3 ==
== Tails and his GBA 3 ==
If you choose the Megaman game pak, Tails has 3 random battles, each battle he wins he gets a "LMAO" with a random picture. The third battle he wins he gets a "LMAO" with a picture of a 8-Bit Strong Bad. You can view it [ here]
If you choose the Megaman game pak, Tails goes through 3 battles, each battle he wins he gets a "LMAO" with a random picture. One of the random pictures is a 8-Bit Strong Bad. You can view it [ here]
== The Goth Kid 2 ==
== The Goth Kid 2 ==

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Notice This page contains links to websites outside of These websites may contain crude or vulgar language and/or content. Personal discretion is advised.


Albino Black Sheep

On, there are many sightings embedded in its user-created flash cartoons. For example, on one particular Animutation, there is a screenshot from "StrongBadZone", where you can hear "STINY! GET ME A DANISH!"

Additionally, the filename of the aforementioned animutation is a giveaway that the creator is a fan of Homestar Runner. [1]

Other animations on the website that have references in them include:

Also in a usercreated animation, The Lost Smurf's Episode, Strong Bad can be found in the background dancing. (this is also found on

AMV Hell 3:The Motion Picture

  • In this gigantic montage (1 hour!) of humurous and non-sensical anime clips, Ikari Shinji and Kensuke Aida from Neon Genesis Evangelion can be heard singing the Teen Girl Squad Issue 5 Easter egg in one segment.
  • Additionally, earlier in the video, a segment of the CGNU Fight Song song from mascot is played with a clip from Azumanga Daioh.

Artificial High 3

In one scene the message "Computer Over. Virus = very yes" shows up. In another scene, Strong Bad is checking an unknown email.

Bonus Stage

  • In "Car" (v1), there is an Easter egg at the end. Click on the note on the box. There is a reference to Homestar Runner on the note.
  • In "Recap", there is a passing reference to Strong Bad making video games. This episode came out not long after the email video games, so that's probably what it refers to.
  • In "Morbid", Joel dies and goes to hell. Phil and Elly then die so they can rescue him, and while there, they meet Strong Bad, Homestar, and Coach Z. Apparently, Strong Bad got sick of the 'boxing glove emails' and jumped into a lake of fire, and Homestar and Coach Z followed. After they rescue Joel, Phil starts typing on a Compy 386 about how Bubs won the race, and Strong Sad shows up. (This episode was later removed, then changed in order to avoid legal trouble. A link to a mirror of the old episode can be found here.)
  • In "Rivals", Joel says he wants to move to Atlanta where "the cartoon people" live. He is probably referring to The Brothers Chaps.
  • In the Easter egg in "2 Pack", they prank call someone who is supposed to be Strong Bad, but turns out to just be someone doing an impression of Strong Bad.
  • In Virtual Candy, there is a commercial for a candy called "Kandy Commandoz". A small disclaimer flashes across the screen proclaiming "Not a ripoff of Homestar Runner", referring to Cheat Commandos.
  • In "Five Minute Story Hour", there is a laptop called Lappy.
  • In "Joel Fights Crime, Phil Rewrites Time", Phil calls George Washington "Geroge", referring to cartoon.

Bush Bash

On this flash animation at, you can see a picture of President Bush and a flaming Earth that says "Burninating the Peasants since 2000".


The name itself is a reference to Teen Girl Squad, and in the second episode there's a reference to Homestar Runner in which one of the main characters is stuck on a page from StrongBadZone with the caption "Your head a splode" then he is knocked over.


Homestar makes a cameo in episode "Chris, Zanda and the treasure of Captain No Beard" of the popular flash series chris.exe


ClaveMan (Episode 1) - A Dino Wax Production. Claveman poses as Homestar as one of his disguises to obtain free Popeye's biscuits.

Decline of Video Gaming 2

In this animation, there are slight references to Homestar Runner, particularly Trogdor. While watching it, put on creator's notes.

Dr. Wily Shorts Collection

At, there is a flash animation called "Dr. Wily Shorts Collection." If you click on Dr. Wily's shorts, a short animation of Strong Bad and Homestar pops up. click here to see it.

Ducktales: The Auditions

In this follow-up to the internet "Ducktales" series, Homestar Runner shows up as the fifth audition for the part of Scrooge McDuck.


  • At, there is a Weekly Update titled Halloween Special. Taco-Man hosts a costume party for Halloween and Homestar makes an appearance at the very end. Watch it here.
  • In the second part of the 2004 Viewers Choice Award Program-Related Activities, a crowd of many cartoon characters can be seen. Among them is Homestar Runner. Watch it here.
  • On July 3, 2005, a cartoon called Ask Taco-Man was released. Taco-Man received many e-mails, 3 of which he read, regarding how the cartoon ripped off Strong Bad e-mails. Homestar Runner appeared at the end, mistaking Taco-Man for Strong Bad. The Paper also came down at the end of the cartoon. Watch it here.
  • In Ask Taco-Man #3, a parody of the 1940's Public Service Announcements, the narrator tells Billy not to address Taco-Man as "Strongbad."(sic)

Evil Josh & Billy

  • In Episode 4, E-vil, the phrase "It's Dot Com!" can be seen written on a wall.
  • Also, in the episode The Moonster Mash, Evil Josh shouts "Hang on tight, The Billy! We're blasting off to the MOOOOOOOOOOON!", referencing Strong Bad in personal favorites.
  • In episode 8, Marshie appears and is roasted over a fire.

Gary Brolsma Dot Net

One of the dancers in the Red vs. Blue Numa Numa Tribute (42MB file) wears a Homestar Runner shirt. He is shown approximately 1:30 minutes into the video.


In episode 1 of Geoweasel, when Nar says that he is the computer guy around here, you can see that the computer says "run sb_email.exe". The same scene is flash backed to in episode 8.

Group X

There is a music video on Albino Black Sheep of a song done by Group X, at the end the music video has selection of play again or "Who made this?" Click that and the page text will say " is the coolest!" Here.

Happy Tree Friends

On the "Second Serving" DVD, Trogdor is listed as one of the additional contributors to the character interview section.

High Score

Seen here

  • Episode 4 has a Parents Day spectacular, with "special guest star" What's Her Face. Later in a newspaper montage one of the subtitles says "Strong Sad Still A Loser."

Homestarrunner Megamix

This movie is entirely a Homestar fan-work.

Homestar in College

Another Homestar fan made this imitation Homestar Runner cartoon. In it, Homestar and Strong Bad talk about Crazy Go Nuts University.

Iris Rant

In the DeviantArt cartoon Iris Rant, a DELETED! screen appears near the end of the toon.

Kerri's Big Invention

Also at, there is a movie entitled "Kerri's Big Invention," and about halfway through the movie Kerri is drawing on a blackboard. When the whole blackboard is visible, in the lower left corner is a poorly drawn Homestar and Strong Bad. In the upper right you can see the carrot shaped thing from the sketchbook on the Coach Z page.

The Kingdom Hearts Chronicles

During the scene in which Sora is in the cave, a picture of Homestar Runner can be seen on the cave wall.

The Kingdom Hearts Chronicles 1.2

During the preloader, one of Sora's signs says "Skittles and M&Ms taste the same, but look different." This is an obvious reference to Malloween Commercial.

Konquest Adventure

In this movie's Shao Kahn special feature, one Kahn's quotes is "Both Strong Bad and I check our email, but I am way cooler than Strong Bad." Also, in the trailer, a sheet of paper that says "Shao's To Do List has "rip-off Strong Bad email" as one of the things listed.


Homestar and Strong Bad appear in various places in this toon.

Lost in Tijuana

At and on if you're not willing to pay the membership costs, you see Strong Bad's face on a wanted poster about halfway through the animation.

Mario Busters Flash Movie

One of the scenes in this movie is entitled "Donez's hed (sp) a splode".

Megaman Polarity Movie 3

In the gag reel, there is a scene of Strong Bad typing on the Compy, "And don't forget to watch this summer's new movie, 'Megaman Polarity 2: This Time It's Not Megaman Polarity 1.'" Watch it here.

Metroid Confusion: Parts 1 and 2

  • At, there is a movie entitled "Metroid Confusion", and at the beginning there are three computers and one has the Homestar Runner main page displayed on its monitor. The end also borrows "Because It's Midnite" and credits a band named "Limozeen." Also, when you see them talking about how Samus is defenceless without her suit, zoom in on the second shelf a book is the Homestar Runner enters the Strongest Man in the World contest book.
  • In Metroid Confusion Part 2, when you right-click, one option is "Send Trogdor to my House". At the end of the movie, if you click on the fine-print giving some credit, you will see a funny Homestar-Metroid crossover. They also mention "E3 20X6". In addition to all of that, if you watch the commentary, it mentions that he got the inspiration for the "Claymation Simulator" from Strong Mad's Doug the Dino, in Email the facts. Also in Fox Mcloud's drawing, there is a book called "TROGDOR The musical". The back of the book reads "The Burninator himself stars in his first-ever musical that won three Academy awards and a couple of free coffees at Starbucks. Experience the magic, the magesty, the consummate V's!". Sythe also mentions 20X6 at the end of the movie.

Neptune Circle

In the "PJ Wireless Episode 2" toon, PJ is seen dressed as Homestar, at which point Rocky says "No, that's copyright infringement" after which PJ responds with the classic Homestar line "I know, can you bewieve it?". It can be found here.

No Relationship Please

On, there is a toon called No Relationship Please. At the end, if the viewer clicks "Who Made This?" the creator, wesley, states that " is the coolest!!!!"

Numa Numa Sprite Dance

In this Numa Numa themed flash animation on Newgrounds, there is a Strong Bad sprite dancing to this song, alone with other sprites, like the dancing banana sprite. You can view it here.

Numastar Runner

A flash video made not long after Halloween Potion-ma-jig came out. It has references to very recent Homestar toons. Watch it here.

One Ring To Rule Them All 2

There is a scene that bears a striking resemblance to the Old-Timey cartoons. It uses the same background music. Watch it here.

Raichu and Salazard

  • In Raichu and Salazard 1, during the restaurant scene, The Geddup Noise is heard when Raichu gets up.
  • In Riachu's Little Sayings, Alec Trode's hat reads "YOUR HEAD A TRODE".

Retarded Animal Babies

In episode 10 when they are walking past the websites, jokingly calling each one gay, is the first one.

Robotbox and Cactus

On Robotbox and Cactus episode 13 "Internet", Cactus receives a computer that crashed down from space, and boasts to Robotbox that he's on the internet now. Robotbox goes into his own segment much similar to a Strong Bad E-mail. Other parodies include random appearances by 'Pole' (Bonus Stage's Joel) 'Gil' (Bonus Stage's Phil) and 'Coach F' who says "YEOWRGHHHHH!", then his head explodes.

Senya's Review: Alien vs. Predator

In this flash film by the flash artist Legendary Frog, Ark and Kerri are at one point playing with Alien and Predator action figures. In the background, the Cheat Commandos action figure storage vehicle can be seen with Gunhaver and SilentRip inside. Firebert and Reynold also appear in front of the "Der Wunder Box."

Space Monkey Mafia

During a Scooby-Doo style chase scene in part two of this flash cartoon, Strong Bad and The Cheat will walk from the far left door to the far right door. Clicking on the painting of a yellow bird with red eyes will trigger this Easter egg.


A fan animation parodying a well known NG submission called Lilium using elements entirely from the Homestar Runner universe, coincidently made by the same person who did Tails and his GBA 1, GBA 2, and Numa Sprita Dance. You can view it here.

Super Cheeseball

In the Ask Evil Cartoons (which are very similar to the Strong Bad Emails), Strong Bad is listed in the credits as an actor. The credits move very fast and it is very easy to miss. Click here.

Tails and his GBA

When Tails is listening to the radio, one thing heard is Homestar's line from crying, and the "oncha oncha" song from Teen Girl Squad Issue 8. Strong Bad comes out in the very end and says "its over. go home people." And if you right click anytime in the movie, one of the options is "goto Homestar Runner?" Also, the words on top are in Strong Bad's printing. The Same is in Tails And His GBA 2. You can view it here.

Tails and his GBA 2

At the very beginning when Tails is playing a poorly made game on his GBA, an 8-bit Tails ends up attacking an 8-bit Strong Bad with his sword. You can view it here.

Tails and his GBA 3

If you choose the Megaman game pak, Tails goes through 3 battles, each battle he wins he gets a "LMAO" with a random picture. One of the random pictures is a 8-Bit Strong Bad. You can view it here

The Goth Kid 2

When you chose animations and go to The Goth Kid 2, there will be a poster in the background of Homestar and Strong Bad, Warning this cartoon has been rated M. View it here.

The Joe & Bob Show!

The Real Rubyrulez

The Cheat makes a cameo appearance in Episode 7.8. You can view it here.


At Waterman Studios, the Strong Bad ice pop is advertised for sale on the side of the ice-cream truck that shows up in several of the episodes.

In the "interview" with Sarah Michelle Geller,Brian mentions "pouring glowstick in (Devon and Chris's) Mountain Dew".This is a reference to techno.

Wink, Love

In this animation there is a dress up game while the animation is loading you dress Wink up as Homestar.


On Youtube, there is an AMV clip from Azumanga Daioh in which they lipsync to the CGNU band song. You can find it here.

There is also an AMV set to the audio from Kid's Book, called Everyone is Different.

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