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"Why don't you go... write a poem or something and not attribute it to yourself!"

Anonymous Contributor (also called Anonymous and Anonny) is a depiction of Strong Sad on lined paper, but with a question mark where his face would normally be. He was inspired by the author of the email rock opera, who wrote under the name "Anonymous Contributor" of Gambier, OH. Instead of treating the email's author as an anonymous person, Strong Bad went on to describe the unfortunate effects of actually being named "Anonymous", creating this character in the process. In one scene, Anonymous had his hands glued to his butt, just as Strong Sad did in 1 step ahead.

The association between Anonymous and Strong Sad may have come from Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, in which Homestar Runner says he found Strong Bad thanks to "an anonymous tip from Strong Sad", though it could also be the fact that Anonymous was being made fun of, something which Lil' Strong Bad would have done to Lil' Strong Sad as a kid.

In Fan Costumes 2016, a fan dresses up as Anonymous, which Strong Bad perceives as so obscure a costume that he has to consult the Homestar Runner Wiki to figure out what it is.

Strong Bad pronounces his name with a long O.


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