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*Seek bars do not work with the flipped toons.
*Seek bars do not work with the flipped toons.
*Amusingly, this makes [[Homsar]]'s character page right-side up.

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Which way is up again?

On April Fool's Day 2006, The Brothers Chaps changed the site so that every toon was upside down.


Fun Facts



  • Any time that a second Flash file is overlayed on the first it is not flipped.
  • Many of the rollover button effects on the Main Pages don't work. In most cases, the speaker simply says the name of the button that is hovered over (without moving his lips) and no visual effects or other sounds occur.
  • Several toons that are not the usual 550x400 resolution are not centred properly:
  • Some pages have invisible or missing text:
  • Many buttons on some of the site do not work, such as the Eject button on the Characters page (which normally makes Homsar's video come out of the VCR), and Edgar's Baby's Daddy on Email 149.
  • The video clips in HomestarRunner.com PAY PLUS! repeat themselves automatically.
  • The rando link on the navbar does not work.
  • TROGDOR! doesn't load up properly - the game itself takes up only the bottom right quarter of the usual frame, and the rest is filled in with gray.
  • On any Strong Bad Emails featuring the Tandy 400 or the Compy 386, the contrast buttons don't work. This includes the Easter eggs in gimmicks. The ripples on the Lappy 486 appear and disappear much faster than normal, and do not stay if the mouse button is held down.
  • Peasant's Quest loads up in fullscreen. Additionally, Trogdor's voice doesen't work.
  • All of the old Flash from the "Old Flash Stuff" in the Museum appear normal.
  • Main Page 23 is missing the "What's New" and "Weeklies" buttons.
  • It seems that the text in the Quote of the Week isn't bold, like before the 'flip'.
  • The King of Town DVD, King of Town Main Page and anything linked from there loop at the end instead of stopping.
    • Additionally, Revenge of the King seems to have a similar fate to TROGDOR! (with the broken screen), except you can not hurt The King of Town, nor does he shoot at you. The timer also doesn't work
  • On the Main Pages the buttons to go to a different main page are still at the same spot.
  • The front page (with the "Come on in" and "watch intro" buttons) was not flipped.
  • On the Main Pages the buttons to go to a different main page and copyright things are still at the same spot.

Fixed Glitches

  • Originally, the "What's new" button on the main pages did not appear in the correct location and was right-side up. This was fixed shortly after the "feature's" release.
  • The Strong Bad Email menu originally did not list any emails. This was also fixed.

Real-World References

  • The Flash file that causes the pages to be flipped contains the phrase "They call him Flipper", which is one of the lyrics to the Flipper theme song.

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