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===Real-World References===
===Real-World References===
*The Flash file that causes the pages to be flipped contains the phrase "They call him Flipper", which is one of the lyrics to the [[Wikipedia:Flipper (1964 television)|Flipper]] theme song.
*The Flash file that causes the pages to be flipped contains the phrase "They call him Flipper", which is one of the lyrics to the [[Wikipedia:Flipper (1964 television)|Flipper]] theme song. It could also be a reference to the children's cartoon [[Wikipedia:Kipper (cartoon)|Kipper]], which has a similar lyric in its theme song.
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Which way is up again?

On April Fool's Day 2006, The Brothers Chaps flipped the site upside down.


Fun Facts



  • Several toons that are not the usual 550x400 resolution were not centered properly:
  • Some pages had invisible or missing text:
  • In highschool, the "m." on Young Strong Mad's shirt was missing.
  • TROGDOR! didn't load up properly - the game itself took up only the bottom right quarter of the usual frame, and the rest was filled in with gray.
  • Many buttons and other scripts on some of the site did not work, as they use the _root property in ActionScript to access the main scene of the Flash file. However, with the flipper file loading the main scene, _root actually referred to the flipper, not the scene itself. The Brothers Chaps could have gotten around this by using the _lockroot property in the flipper, but it seems they didn't know about it (probably because they still use Flash 5, in which the _lockroot property doesn't exist).
  • In Peasant's Quest, Trogdor's voice didn't work.
    • When the Kerrek is encountered, his tune did not play.
    • Trying to kill Poor Gary proved unsuccessful.
  • It seems that the text in the Quote of the Week wasn't bold, like before the 'flip'.
  • Nothing in the Handheld Games Menu (except for Homestar Quiz), including itself, was fully playable.
    • None of the buttons in the actual menu worked (except for "new games").
    • None of the buttons in Dancin' Bubs worked.
    • Homestar Talker did not lay out stars for each correct word, and never progressed to the Strong Bad Talker.
    • Nothing but the bongos in Audition With Marzipan were playable.
    • Bronco Trolleys was broken; you could click the "Play" button, but the timer didn't work and the ingredients were missing.
    • Neither the text boxes nor the finished libs worked in Strong Libs.
    • Hairstyle Runner was playable, but many things were not visible because the top frame was off-center.
    • The fortune cookies in Fortune Cookies did not work.
    • The Spin and Say did not spin.
    • The buttons on the Astro Lite didn't work.
  • Although the Main Pages rollover effects were mostly fixed, some issues remained:
    • Main Page 3: Homestar wasn't knocked back by the coconut for "Email".
    • Main Page 8: The screen kept moving on "Characters".
    • Main Page 10: The Homestar Runner's body didn't expand when the bomb explodes after "Downloads".
    • Main Page 16: The entire menu still didn't work properly. In fact, two versions of the copyright notice appeared at the "top" of the screen, and the trees in the background were light blue. This issue remained briefly after the revert, but was fixed soon afterwards.
    • Main Page 18: On "Games", Sherlock did not mumble to himself. On "Store", the background "opened" and "closed" faster than usual, with no sound effects and no HTML behind it. These issues also remained after the prank ended, and have not yet been fixed.
    • Main Page 22: The "What's New", "Weeklies", and "Main Pages" buttons appeared in their normal positions and orientations (though it's possible that it was left that way on purpose, given the theme of the page), and the partial scene from Peasant's Quest did not come in from the side.
    • Main Page 23: Homestar didn't move his lips for "Toons" and didn't reply with "'Sup" for "Store". Also, the "What's New" and "Weeklies" were missing.
    • Homsar Main Page: None of the effects worked, except a few bubbles appearing on "Toons".
  • Awexome Cross 98: When you lost all your lives, the game froze and you saw The Cheat spinning in the tire, but the background stayed still.
  • The Storyboards and Deleted Scenes in "In Search of The Yellow Dello" did not work.
  • When the pages were fixed early on the morning of April 2nd, the Main Page Navigation Bar fix was not initially repaired, leaving the main page right-side up, but the News button and Main Page numbers flipped.
  • The musical t-shirts from the Store were put in a upside down box at the bottom of the page with its light blue background as a border.

Fixed Glitches

Main Page 16: Looking into the past?
  • Originally, the "What's new" button on the main pages did not appear in the correct location and was right-side up. This was fixed shortly after the "feature's" release.
  • The Strong Bad Email menu originally did not list any emails. This was also fixed.
  • The Weeklies popups originally appeared right-side up, but were later fixed so that they would appear flipped like the rest of the site.
  • Many of the rollover button effects on the Main Pages didn't work. In most cases, the speaker simply said the name of the button that is hovered over (without moving his lips) and no visual effects or other sounds would occur. This was later fixed.
  • On Main Page 22, the word "games" was not there. This was fixed later in the day.
  • After the orientation reset on April 2, Main Page 16 had a copyright date of 2001 overlaying the regular copyright notice. Homestar's scarf was missing, as were some trees in the background, suggesting that certain elements of the main page were from an older version. Homestar would still speak as normal, but no triggered animations would happen other than mouth movements and a visible wisp of Homestar's breath.

Real-World References

  • The Flash file that causes the pages to be flipped contains the phrase "They call him Flipper", which is one of the lyrics to the Flipper theme song. It could also be a reference to the children's cartoon Kipper, which has a similar lyric in its theme song.

External Links

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