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The Giant Brain Mech CEREBELLUMs Cheerleader

Arrow'd Guy is the tormentor of the members of the Teen Girl Squad. His many professions include an archer (who shoots arrows from his mouth), a truck driver, owner of a Pan-Asian Cuisine stand, a brain mech pilot, ship captain, two judges (at the same time) and a play critic. Oddly, the character's name is never given in the actual cartoons, and he is called "Man With The Huge Mouth" in many circles. However, he is identified as the Arrow'd Guy on the Store's caption for the Everybody Everybody Poster.


  • Issue 1: In his first appearance, he ARROWED The Ugly One, right after she admitted to having a crush on every boy.
  • Issue 3: He sells The Ugly One three spring rolls loaded with MSG, destroying her "stomach lining."
  • Issue 5: He's helming a sailboat, the S.S. Inevitable, that SAILING MISHAPs Cheerleader in half.
  • Issue 7: The entire Squad falls into his mouth as they reminisce their pre-K days.
  • Issue 8: Although he does not explicitly appear, Mrs. So-and-so-erson (So and So's stepmom), who seems to be the Arrow'd Guy, yells at the girls and pours "Ranch Dress" on The Ugly One (STEP-MOMMED!!!).
  • 404 page: He "404s" The Ugly One. It's the same as the Issue #1 attack except The Ugly One says "OW! my browser!", and "ARROWED!!!" is missing.
  • Issue 10: He tries to ARROWED II The Ugly One, but is stopped by Strong Bad, who then redraws the scene.

Arrow'd Guy at Work


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