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"Fans are already lining up!"

Promotional video for Baddest of the Bands.

Date: Monday, October 27, 2008

Page Title: Strong Bad and Bubstastic Entertainment Present!



{A common shot of a concert is shown from an audience point of view. It is dark and the band cannot be seen. There is visible, however, other audience members, moving light beams from the stage, and what appear to be to giant black moving objects blocking a majority of the lower stage, can be seen.}

ANNOUNCER: Monday! Monday! And also all the other days!

{As he says this, words the words appear angled in the center of the screen with a flash-in entrance. After he is finished saying this, there is a cut to a fire with burning wood. It appears to be a fire place, only zoomed in on and with no lights for effect.}

ANNOUNCER: Strong Bad {A Strong Bad with stars in a blue shade appears at the top-left corner inside the shape of a circle. The angled text "STRONG BAD" also appears on screen in the bottom-center of the circle.} and Bubstastic Entertainment {A photo of Bubs inside another circle in the opposite corner. There is the bent text "BUBSTASTIC ENTERTAINMENT" (each word on separate lines) with a red background and white border stemming from the bottom of the circle.} present {Both objects fade outward} Baddest of the Bands! {As he says this, an echo accompanies his voice along with a lower tone. A large "BADDEST" in reflective metal fades in and shakes, accompanied by a boom. The same happens with "Of the bands" however with a blander font and on a vinyl sticker with an orange background.}

{A cut to a 3D shot of the game. It is a backstage view of Cool Tapes playing scrolling to the right. The audience members from left to right are Bubs, Homestar doing a slight dance, and Strong Bad. The announcer continues to speak while this occurs.}

ANNOUNCER: Four stages! Four Acts!—

{A cut to the upper body of 3D Strong Sad talking. He has a walkie talkie on his chest; another shot of the game.}

ANNOUNCER: One fat kid to run security!

{As he says "security" there is a cut to where Strong Bad is tazered. His screams can be heard under the voiceover. There is then a cut to Cool Tapes playing from an audience point of view rotating right, with Strong Bad in the foreground.}

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and wimpy guys, {A close-up to The Cheat playing the drums while smiling, with the view rotating right and moving upwards.} get ready to indifferently {Cut to Marzipan, with her eyes closed and nodding her head. Strong Mad can be seen playing bass with a smile and closed eyes in the background. The point of view is rotating right.}nod your head to the socially-conscience {A close-up to Strong Mad's "head"; view rotating right and moving down while still angling on his head} pop stylings of {Cut to the Cool Tapes fading in in space. Their logo also fades in on top of them playing.} {with an echo} Cool Tapes!

{Cut to Coach Z with a microphone. A banner saying "TWO-O-D..." can be seen in the background}

ANNOUNCER: And you b-boys betta recognize, because the Two-O-Duo {pronounced "Two-Oh-Duo"} is doing an uno-time union {echo} performance! {pronounces as "preformance"}

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Fun Facts


  • Strong Sad's scene does not have him wearing his yellow jacket.
  • The diamond on Strong Bad's mask and the brim of Coach Z's cap are see-through when the camera goes close up on them, but then goes opaque again when the scene fades back into the basement. This is a parody of a common bluescreen malfunction where the person on camera happens to be wearing something that's the same color as the backdrop, causing it to appear transparent when that color is replaced with a simulated background.

Inside References

  • Strong Bad "logo" that appears is similar to that of the coaster design.
  • The chroma-key malfunction was used before, with a green screen, in redesign.

Real-World References

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