Bear Holding a Shark

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Bear holding a shark.
A glimpse of the monsterman?

The Bear Holding a Shark, also known as the Bear-Shark, is a wooden cut-out of a bear standing on its hind legs, holding a shark above its head. The cut-out lurks behind the fence of Strong Badia.

The bear holding a shark is one of Strong Badia's "security counter-measures", as Strong Bad puts it; whenever The Cheat touches the Tire, he is given an electric shock and the bear holding a shark pops up. For reasons that are never really explained, The Cheat seems to have a strong phobia of bears holding sharks. The Bear-Shark also plays the part of "headhunters" on Strong Bad's Riverquest Safariventure. It is "scared off" by firing a starting pistol in its general direction twice.

It has been featured in a documentary detailing its roots in Strong Badian lore. The myth/legend originated as a British distance runner holding a fish with a 'fro wig, and through years of bad storytelling and the telephone game, evolved into the Bear-Shark we know today. Apparently, Homestar and his "dog" Pom Pom were walking in the woods when they saw (and caught footage of) the "very scary monsterm'n", who suspiciously had white feet with blue soles. Strong Sad did not believe these mysterious myths & legendary legends very much, and dismissed the Bear-Shark as either a weather balloon or a foreign exchange student.

In Fan Costumes '06, two young women (referred to as "Ho-ties" by Strong Bad) are shown. One of them wears the Bear Holding a Shark t-shirt, with a frown on her face, while the other one is dressed as the bear, and she is holding a shark over her head. Strong Bad remarks, "I like the upgrade to Bear holding a Tiger Shark...or was that just like...the only shark they had left at the aquarium gift shop."


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