Because, It's Midnite (karaoke)

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[[Category:Karaoke Videos]]

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A karaoke video of the Limozeen song Because, It's Midnite.

Heart of a lion, and the wings of a bat. Because?

Cast (in order of appearance): Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman, Two unknown people

Running Time: 2:19

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Four


[edit] Easter Eggs

  • Change the audio track to hear Stinkoman read the song's lyrics.

[edit] Hidden Audio Transcript

STINKOMAN: {spoken, not sung} One! Two! Three! Four! Walking the streets, I gotta feeling. It's leather-touch, you'd better believe it! Waking up late, asleep in the gutter? Breaking the chains! You'd better cut me some! Heart of a lion, and the wings of a bat, because, it's midnite? I got the heart of a lion and the wings of a bat. Because it's midnite. Sunset Strip, California. West Hollywood! I'm gonna challenge ya! Street-smart soldiers taking up arms? Bringing the metal back to where it belarms? ...Of a lion! And the wings of a bat! Because! I got the heart of a lion. And the wings of a bat! It's midnite!

{Over the guitar riff}

STINKOMAN: {of Limozeen} These guys look like they're challenging each other. {Screen reads "(OH, MAN.)"} Some type of a ball-guitar gig. {"(THIS SOLO IS REALLY GOOD!)"}

{Song starts up again}

STINKOMAN: {still not sung} Liquid and leather. In equal measure? Champagne glass. Mix them together. Sweet city sweet? Vampire love? Crimson flows down from the wings of a dove. Floating over the pavement, guitars take flight. I wear tight pants! Of a lion! And the wings of a bat! I got the heart of a lion. And the wings of a bat. Because! Ooooh! Ow! Ow! Are you asking for a karaoke challenge?!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • Stinkoman gets an 87/100, more than any character in the first DVD set except Coach Z.

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