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Biscuit Dough Hands Man is a drawing Bubs made when he acted as sketch artist for The King of Town, who was trying to describe who had stolen his crown. The King of Town tries to describe Strong Bad with a head like a "big old, round old, red old, nasty old egg," and "hands like biscuit dough." Coach Z is henceforth determined to catch him, not realizing that the King was describing Strong Bad.

He's the next target of Strong Bad's hard-hitting, buffalo-style journalism on the Strong Bad-Type Interview Progrum, as mentioned in the email "pizzaz."

There is also a newspaper called The Biscuitdoughhandsman Review that wrote a review for Strong Bad's rock opera "SBEMAIL!", claiming that it was "better than a goat".

In myths & legends Coach Z, speaking semi-anonymously, claims to have seen his severed hand in the locker room.

His facial features and #7 jersey seem to imply a likeness of former NFL player John Elway.


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