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The friend of Bennedetto

The Blender is displayed as a prize for answering the "Email" question on Homestar Runner's Show-themed Main Page 19. It appears again in another Show-related place, on the box for The Show's "Stupid Home Edition" in geddup noise. Homestar mentioned it in an email to Strong Bad in 2 emails, saying that he built a time machine out of his Gameboy and a blender. The Gameboy in a blender is also in alternate universe as the portal. It was one of the items up for sale at The Poopsmith and Pom Pom's "Creeping" Silent "Death" Auction in Halloween Fairstival. The blender was also a key implement in creating a portal to an alternate universe in the email of the same name.



Game Boy in a Blender

"Well... that's like a hundred million dollars in... dog years, right?"

The Game Boy in a Blender is used by Strong Bad as a sort of time device/portal or a universe crossing portal contraption. The universe crossing contraption is apparently also a time device, as the years 20X6 and 1936 should not be different universes so much as different time periods. Therefore, these are presumably the same device, although in alternate universe, Homestar, while trying to make a real fruit smoothie, presses all the buttons on the blender except the on/off button, yet Strong Bad is not accelerated or moved backwards in time. It creates a portal of 'swirly Photoshop magic' when activated to traverse universes. It costs 14 dollars, which, according to Strong Bad, is a hundred million dollars in dog years.

The Game Boy in a blender was first mentioned in 2 emails. During the fast-forward sequence, Homestar sent an email to Strong Bad saying that he had built a time machine out of Strong Bad's blender and his Game Boy, and that he would go into the future to buy him new ones.

The Game Boy used is the original monochrome model.


Fun Facts

  • The blender that first appeared on The Show which presumably is the same blender that houses the Game Boy, had the red button on the other side.
  • The blender has no visible blades.
  • If every dollar was a "dog year", then according to the popular formula, the money would still only sum up to 92 dollars.
  • The central section of the blender cap is apparently missing.
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