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The Blue Laser Commander is the evil mastermind behind Blue Laser, an evil terrorist-type organization. His sworn enemies are the Cheat Commandos. He formulates many evil schemes in a constant attempt to crush the Cheat Commandos, to no avail. He has a high-pitched, screechy British accent. The only differences between his uniform and that of his minions are that his patches are red while the minions' patches are blue, and that he lacks a visor. He instead has an eye patch that switches sides whenever he turns around, due to the fact that Cheat Commandos is just a poorly animated 30-minute commercial disguised as a cartoon.

He is well disposed to extreme exclaimations of joy or frustration, to wit: "FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!", "Well that's JUST GREAT!!", "I just hate you SO MUCH!", "WHAT THE CRAP?!?!", and "Old ladies SUCK!"

Blue Laser Commander is a parody of Cobra Commander (as the Cheat Commandos are a takeoff of G.I.Joe), especially the following traits:

  • His partially obscured face covering some kind of blemish
  • His uniform that is similar yet distinct from his henchmen
  • His screechy voice (identical to Teen Girl Squad)
  • His volatile, psychotic temperament

According to one Sketchbook update, Blue Laser Commander (or possibly every member of Blue Laser) was originally going to be an Ungurait, but that idea was abandoned.

The Blue Laser Commander is one of the Cheat Commandos featured in the first Cheat Commandos figurine set.


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