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An obscure reference.

Bob & Doug McKenzie are a pair of fictional brothers who hosted the sketch comedy show "Great White North", which spoofed Canadian culture and stereotypes. The duo's success led to the release of comedy album The Great White North and movie Strange Brew, and the two hosers have been referenced on occasion in Homestar Runner.

[edit] Appearances

  • Sketchbook (museum) — A sketch of several rejected costumes includes Coach Z dressed as Doug McKenzie.
  • Run Devil Run InterviewMatt Chapman mentions the McKenzies advertising Molson beer as an example of advertising that made sense for a character when explaining the sort of cross-promotions they would consider.
  • Revenge of the KingThe King of Town's line "The punishment is not too bad, eh?" is a quote from "The Beerhunter" track on The Great White North album. The track describes a drinking game where one beer can in a six-pack is shaken and players take turns opening cans one at a time, hoping to not be sprayed by the pressurized beverage. When Doug is told that he must drink the unshaken beer he opened, he remarks that "the punishment is not too bad. I think I can take it, eh?"
  • Hallrunner — Choosing "Talk" against the coffee gives the phrase "It was coffee. 'Triple cream, triple sugar. And a cruller.'" The quote is from "Peter's Donuts" from The Great White North album, where Doug orders a six-pack of crullers and a coffee with triple cream and triple sugar.
  • Bug In Mouth Disease — The page title "Don't...kill...bugs." is a reference to The Great White North segment "Elron McKenzie". Doug plays the titular character, a preacher who gives a sermon on the importance of not killing bugs.
  • Trogdor Playthrough with Strong Bad & friends! — Strong Bad says that Ryan Sterritt and Lucky Yates "[look] like the McKenzie brothers", and Yates starts to sing the theme to "Great White North" in response.

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