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Characters seem to fall into bottomless pits, trap doors, or death holes on occasion. The prospect of falling into a bottomless pit was first mentioned by Strong Bad in 2 emails. Since then, several characters have found themselves falling into one of these pits. Interestingly, Homestar has fallen into several holes but has yet to completely fall through one. Once, he landed on Strong Mad, and another time the hole was only a few feet deep. On a rather depressing note, "When you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation", according to What's Her Face.

The eighteenth hole of miniature golf courses is described by Strong Bad as a "bottomless-hole-that-sucks-your-golf-ball-away-forever hole" in mini-golf. At Sweet Puttin' Cakes, this has a unique twist: putting your ball into the hole causes it to fall out of the sky shortly thereafter, due to the unusual physics of the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes world.

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