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"Jugga Jigga Wugga."
Origins The Teen Girl Squad's high school
Genre(s) Death metal, punk
Members Juanito Chimendez
Henry "Spike" Coopmore
Bruce Finish
discography=  Brainkrieg (1989)
              Armageddon of Existance (1996)
             In your face, television (1999)
            Hooked on Decemberween (2008)
Discography {{{discography}}}
Producer Carlos Amiga Thresher

First seen in death metal, Brainkrieg is a death metal band in Strong Bad's imagination that seems to use all of the wrong "d-e" words in their song (deli-style, dentist). They also frequently use the phrase "Jugga jigga wugga". They have a large, poorly drawn audience watching their performance. Cheerleader seems to be a fan—she comes for the wuggas, but stays for the jiggy juggas. They also received last place in The Battle of the Crappy High School Bands. Apparently, their music is popular with rats, as on two different occasions during the issue featured in Homestar Ruiner, rats are attracted to the girls whenever a Brainkrieg ringtone plays.

Brainkrieg released a video, "If I Don't Get Video Games...", for the Hooked on Decemberween holiday compilation album. In this song, they sound less like death metal, skewing more towards grunge or hardcore punk. The song revealed much more about the characters and their personalities: the band is fairly rebellious, obsessed with video games, and the singer apparently has a crazy uncle named Edgar.


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