Broternal Order of Different Helmets

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Brother of Town and Supreme Overlord Homestar Runner demonstrating the secret handshake.

The Broternal Order of Different Helmets is a secret society headed by Homestar Runner, though Strong Bad attempts to gain control of the group at least once a week. Each of the members wears a different helmet, and the organization holds meetings in The Bar. Bubs, as the treasurer, invents new ways to misappropriate funds. Their activities include a "Frothy, Shaky Chant" and secret handshakes between characters without arms. Strong Sad originally didn't believe in the message of their chant, but instantly submitted to a majority rule and believed in it.



Fun Facts

  • Strong Sad wore the same helmet in senior prom, where he wore a spaceman costume to the "Entrapment All Up On The Moon" dance.
  • Homestar Runner sang the official chant of the Order in the movies, while wearing his helmet.
  • The King of Town's helmet is very similar to the helmet of The Kaiser, the King of Town's Old-Timey counterpart.
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