Broternal Order of Different Helmets

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Brother of Town and Supreme Overlord Homestar Runner demonstrating the secret handshake.

The Broternal Order of Different Helmets (BODH) is a secret society headed by Homestar Runner, though Strong Bad attempts to gain control of the group at least once a week. Each of the members wears a different helmet, and the organization holds meetings in The Bar. Bubs, as the treasurer, invents new ways to misappropriate funds. Their activities include a "Frothy, Shaky Chant" and secret handshakes between characters without arms. Strong Sad originally didn't believe in the message of their chant, but instantly submitted to a majority rule and believed in it.


Structure & Administration

There are only two known officers of the BODH, the Supreme Overlord, who is presumably the head of the organization, and the Treasurer, whose meeting report in Ever and More! detailed attempts at misappropriation of funds, apparently the only responsibility of the job, as it is currently known to outsiders. There may be additional officers, but their existence is uncertain.

While it is evident that minutes are taken of each meeting, since Bubs is able to sell them to third-world countries as Rollover Minutes, it is unclear whose responsibility it is to take down those minutes, as no Brother of the Order was seen taking notes.

Little is known of the Order's membership recruitment process, if there is one. Since the Order consists of 10 of the 11 main male cast members (missing, notably, Homsar), being a regular cast member may be part of the basis for selection. Homsar's status as "the secret guy" (Halloween Potion-ma-jig) lends further credence to this theory, since his being a full cast member is questionable.

Since BODH is the Broternal Order of Different Helmets, it is likely that the organization is exclusive to males. This is not necessarily true, however, as there do exist fraternal organizations in the U.S.A. who have begun to accept women as full members but who have retained the term "fraternity," or at least did so for some part of their coeducational history. See ΦΤ, ΑΔΦ, and ΑΡΥ as examples. Perhaps this trend has spread to Free Country USA. The Order's secrecy prevents us from knowing its policies, however.

Like many other brotherhoods, BODH may have some form of initiation ceremony. If it does, the details have been well hidden. It is likely, however, that such a ceremony would include the choosing of an appropriate Different Helmet for each new initiate.

The Order is evidently run by majority rule. It is uncertain whether or not Homestar, as Supreme Overlord, has any form of veto or tie-breaking power.

History & Traditions

Presumably the primary tradition of the Order is that its members wear different helmets to meetings.

Like many other, similar organizations, the Order opens meetings with a song, "Ever and More."

In addition, there is a secret handshake, which the Order has recently reinvented. Ironically, the handshake does not require the presence of visible arms or hands. Even when performed by The Cheat and Strong Bad, each of whom has arms, there is no visible use of those arms; they both have their hands on their hips (or what passes for hips on The Cheat).

The Broternal Order of Different Helmets is a "secret club," according to Strong Bad, suggesting that its members are forbidden from divulging anything about the Order to anyone who is not a member.

Many brotherhoods and societies keep some of their practices secret, or at least private, even if they are not "secret societies" per se; however, Homestar, as Supreme Overlord sings the song aloud in public, in the movies. So it would seem that the song is public, as is his Different Helmet, which he wears while he sings it. It is possible, of course, that Homestar was actually breaching the secrecy of the group by singing its songs and wearing his helmet in public, but at present, there is insufficient data to know.


Fun Facts

  • Strong Sad wore the same helmet in senior prom, where he wore a spaceman costume to the "Entrapment All Up On The Moon" dance.
  • Homestar Runner sang the official chant of the Order in the movies, while wearing his helmet.
  • The King of Town's helmet is very similar to the helmet of The Kaiser, the King of Town's Old-Timey counterpart.


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