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The original brothers of videogaming
"Foreign arcade smash!"

Butcher Bros. was an abandoned sequel to the Videlectrix game Pigs on Head. It was first revealed in a October 22, 2009 Sketchbook sketch, elaborated on in the sketch's FeedBurner description, and footage was shown in a February 28, 2020 @StrongBadActual Tweet.

Like Pigs on Head, it was designed after the generic look of the Game & Watch series of LCD games produced by Nintendo from 1980 to 1991. It would have been for one or two players, who would simultaneously control Hank and Frank (the pig recipients from the previous game) in their Sausage Truck, delivering sausages to cooks and delis who would appear out of doorways throughout the city. The players could deliver high or low, and the sausages would have to be restocked after each delivery. If the sausage was delivered correctly, a "sausage delivered" counter in the top-left corner would go up. If a sausage was delivered incorrectly, an additional sausage would appear next to the "sausage lost" counter in the top-right corner. It was apparently abandoned because it "never seemed worth the trouble to execute".

Fun Facts

  • The name is a reference to Mario Bros., which is also referenced in the Tweet.
  • Like the first game, Hank and Frank are both smoking cigars.

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