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There are at least five cameras that have been used by the citizens of Free Country, USA.


Strong Sad's Camera

Strong Sad's home movie camera

Strong Sad used a Super 8mm camera to shoot the Experimental Film, with The Cheat's help. This type of camera was popular in the '60s and '70s.

Kevin's Camera

Kevin's video camera

Strong Bad and The Cheat used a small camcorder to film part of a ransom video for The Poopsmith in Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon. Strong Bad also used this camera in Weclome Back to attempt to film a Strong Bad Email while skydiving from an Airplane. This camera is a more modern one than Strong Sad's, is equipped with a 4 times zoom feature, and once belonged to Kevin. When the video is being displayed in the camera's imager, four crosshairs, a blinking red light, and the text "REC" are visible.

Pom Pom's Camera

Pom Pom's camera

Pom Pom has used a video camera to create a documentary in pom pom and to interview Homestar Runner in No Hands On Deck! This is likely a professional video camera; Pom Pom has employed The Poopsmith to operate a boom microphone during his filming. Pom Pom also wrote, directed, produced and distributed a movie on his cell phone in technology.

Totalmatic SuddenShot Instant Camera

It's so obsolete that it actually uses a mysterious substance known as "film" to make pictures.

Marzipan uses a Polaroid OneStep instant camera to take pictures in Most in the Graveyard. Strong Sad also owns a similar camera he calls the Totalmatic SuddenShot Camera. Strong Bad stole Strong Sad's instant camera to take a photo of The Cheat on the Gremlin for an album cover contest, and a couple of photographs of Limozeen during Baddest of the Bands. Dangeresque also keeps a rainbow instant camera in his safe in Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque, and uses it to fake a photograph of an assault.

Other Cameras

An unidentified camera

A couple cameras have appeared that feature similar crosshairs, blinking red lights, and "REC" text to those used by Kevin's camera (see above). Two such cameras were used in segments of First Time Here?, Malloween Commercial, and Weclome Back. In each of these appearances, "REC" appears in a unique typeface.

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