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This article is about the vehicle. For the Strong Bad Email, see car.
Two Cars TN

Plenty of cars have been found or, at the very least, mentioned in the Homestar Runner universe.



  • The Interview — Homestar claims that he drove to Marshmallow's Last Stand. Strong Bad then says to Homestar that he doesn't own a car, to which Homestar replies "Yeah. You're probably right. "
  • Bubs' Character VideoBubs mentions cars as one of the many things that he can fix.
  • Email credit card — One of the things on sale at the Lots of Awesome Stuff for Strong Bad Fund is a golden limousine, priced at $900,000.
  • Nighttime Driving Type Game — This game involves different cars.
  • Email 12:00 — During the VCR Easter egg, one of the many VHS tapes is labeled "car commercials".
  • Email helium — Strong Bad's intro involves him saying the word "email" like a car going through various gear shifts.
  • Email vacation — Strong Bad visits "Two Cars Tennessee".
  • Email car — Strong Bad claims not to own a car.
  • Email pop-up — The Cheat wins a car.
  • Email road trip — Strong Bad and The Cheat attempt to go on a road trip, but fail to move at all.
  • Email the movies — Strong Bad watches a movie called "Karate Car".
  • Email Dangeresque 3 Strong Bad (as Dangeresque) is seen driving in a car after the beginning of the movie.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars!

Hybrid cars are a recurring theme in the Homestar Runner body of work, usually appearing in relation to Marzipan.


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