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"C-c-call me on my cell phone! I get busy!"

Cell phones are uncommon in Free Country, USA. Most of the real cell phones seen have belonged to Pom Pom. When The Cheat misses a meeting at The Stick, Strong Bad borrows Pom Pom's cell to make a few calls to determine the whereabouts of his little yellow lackey. This one is very odd compared to most modern cell phones, as it has all of its buttons on the top portion of the phone. Also, most phones typically have more than 9 buttons (ex. Call, Hang up, Camera, Menu, or at least a 0 key). In technology, Pom Pom has a Palm Treo 650 cell phone, which he writes, directs, produces, and distributes a movie with. The last known number for his cell was (123) 555-8307.

Coach Z claims to own a cell phone in These peoples try to fade me, and in the email, diorama, Coach Z is seen with a phone drawn on a piece of paper, having an imaginary conversation, and claiming that the phone he's using is a cell phone. Stinkoman also claims to have a cell phone, but he's presumably not from Free Country, USA. Strong Bad was seen in portrait holding a very large (and presumably old) cell phone, but whether he owns it or not is unknown. A Powered by The Cheat cell phone appears in Labor Dabor. In New Boots, Homestar has a cell phone which he uses to get back his shoe.

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People features Homestar's cell phone as a usable item.

In Best Caper Ever, Homestar is carrying a satellite phone.


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