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This page contains lists of the various Homestar Runner characters. If you're new to Homestar Runner, you'll get a pretty good idea what's going on by simply getting familiar with the main cast members. If you're interested in going a little deeper, try the secondary characters.


Main characters

These are the principal reoccurring characters of Homestar Runner's world. Each of these characters is honored with a character page on the official Homestar Runner site.

The Cast

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Secondary characters

Characters that appear fairly often, but aren't quite part of the inner cadre of Free Country, USA's leading citizens.


The empty lot by the fence where Strong Bad is king.

Teen Girl Squad

The comic adventures of four archetypal teenage girls, drawn and narrated by Strong Bad.

The Girls

Various Boys

Other Characters


Characters featured in the Trogdor/Peasant's Quest universe.

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes

A crazy cartoon created by Strong Bad that quickly took on a life of its own.

Children's storybooks

Early characters from the original storybook that were later dropped.


The real-life and fictional bands that have contributed music to the Homestar Runner site.




The Cheat Commandos

An after-school cartoon aping G.I. Joe and starring The Cheat as almost everyone.

The Commandos

The Evil Forces of Blue Laser


Also known as...

Sometimes the Brothers Chaps recreate the entire cast of the website in an alternate style. This section is for tracking and organizing all of the variations of the main characters.

There are also complicated narrative modes on the site. Strong Bad often answers "What If" questions in his emails, which leads to minor variations on normal characters. Anything created by The Cheat has a very rudimentary flash style. Puppets are sometimes used in lieu of animation. The 100th Strong Bad Email deliberately uses an animation style which matches some of the earliest work of the Brothers Chaps. Many of these minor variations (such as Thnikkaman & Eh, Steven) can be found in the Rejects section.


An alternate universe from the days of black and white silent movies and early talkies.


An alternate universe that parodies Japanese anime.


A series of short action films starring Strong Bad in the title role.


A celebration similar to Christmas.

Other Alternates

The Geniuses

Last but not least, the people behind the magic of Homestar Runner.

The Brothers Chaps

Two brothers from Atlanta who just happen to make one of the best websites of all time.


The people who may or may not often contribute to Homestar Runner.

Related Pages

Character Evolution

This section needs work. When complete, it should feature images of the evolving art style for all of the regular chacters.


These are characters that almost were used, but weren't. They live here in exile.

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