Cheat Commandos HQ

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Secret HQ it is not

The Cheat Commandos HQ (Playset) is the center of operations for none other than that daring task force, the Cheat Commandos (sale on action figures)! Whenever Blue Laser cooks up some trouble, the Blue Las-alert is sounded and the Cheat Commandos rock rock on to save the day. Inside the HQ is a fairly large computer maintained by Silent Rip, which loads images on "The Screen" when there is a Blue Las-alert. Reynold does a good job organizing the team's equipment on a random wall inside the fort. A picture of Gunhaver with neon lights on the background is mounted on the wall of the HQ. The HQ seems heavily armed, as turrets protect each corner of the base. And finding the entrance to the base is quite easy as it is marked high on the front wall, as well as the Cheat Commandos logo. On the roof of the fort is what appears to be a large The Cheat balloon with a sash labeled "SALE" across its torso.

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