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== Appearances ==
== Appearances ==
*'''Debut:''' Email [[retirement]]
*'''Debut:''' Email [[retirement]]
* Email [[rated]]
[[Category:Food and drinks]]
[[Category:Food and drinks]]

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A bag of Chippies!

Chippies! is a brand of chips seen in the email retirement. Strong Bad is seen eating them, as they are his antidepressant. He describes them as "Italian-herb-chipotle-buffalo-ranch-guacamole-Thai-peanut-style chippety-chomps." Empty bags of Chippies! litter the floor of Strong Bad's Basement along with Potate and Flavored Triangles bags. They are sold by Bubs' Concession Stand, where Strong Bad slinks off to refill his prescription.

"Chippies" is also the word Coach Z uses to refer to Andy Capp's Hot Fries in your friends.


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