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The different costumes of Coach Z.

Image Costume Seen in
With The King of Town's crown Where's The Cheat?
Fisherman's hat Email lures & jigs
Hot Girl Number 37 Email 2 emails
Monocle and top hat Music video for These peoples try to fade me
Without hat Email caffeine
A cool jacket Email different town
Stoppy the Sign Email theme park
"Coach Backwards N" Sketchbook (video)
A Boxing Referee Email montage
Pants Email rock opera
With nine pieces of purple, red and green chewed gum on his head Email record book
Scarf, Earmuffs Fall Float Parade
Basketball on head Email candy product
Bow tie and dickey Email senior prom
With a redesigned medallion and invisible body Email redesign
Wearing a barrel Email keep cool
As an orphan No Hands On Deck!
With a towel Email trading cards
With a tie Email your funeral
As a housewife Date Nite
Damp Towel Man DNA Evidence
Barbute Ever and More!
Blubb-O's mascot, the Drive Thru Whale Blubb-O's Commercial
Strong Bad's out-of-college son Email rated
File:Coach Z in Marzipan Halloween Costume.PNG Marzipan Halloween Costume Costume Commercial
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