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== Glitches ==
*If you hold down a word in the list of words to make Coach Z say, he will not move his head in the way he does when he talks
**This glitch also appears in the Homestar and Strong Bad talkers, sugesting they used the same form of coding each time.
==External Links==
==External Links==

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"Great Jorearb Stairmaster"

The Coach Z Talker is a game at the end of A Jorb Well Done, using dialogue from that toon. It's similar to the Homestar Talker, only featuring Coach Z and all the words that he mispronounces.

The Lingo

  • Great
  • Job
    • Jorb
    • Jaerb
    • (Job)
    • Jarb
    • Jorearb
  • Homestar
    • Hamstray
    • Ramrod
    • Stramstar
    • Stairmaster
    • Homegrown

External Links

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