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A spectacle computer
Side view seen in fingers (with "fingers" edited out)
Strong Bad checks his email.

The Compy 386 was Strong Bad's second computer, and in his words, "a spectacle of graphics and sound." He used this machine to answer his Emails after the Tandy 400 was thrown out at the beginning of "invisibility". This machine was built by Compy, Inc and seemed to have something against The Cheat.

Quick Facts

Debut: invisibility

Interactive Feature: You can click on the little wheels repeatedly to change the screen contrast from black to blue and then back to black again.

Slightly Shotgunned!

Death: Destroyed by Bubs' shotgun after being infected by 423,827 viruses in the email "virus." Bubs later sold it to Homestar Runner as seen in the Broken Compy Menu.

Font: Commodore 64

That's not a good prize!

Error Screen: The Compy had a blue Flagrant System Error screen that appeared when it encountered a major problem. Resembling the Windows 9x famous "Blue Screen of Death," it gave Strong Bad some vague information as to what went wrong. This screen appeared in "50 emails," when Homestar's many failed attempts to delete an email crashed the system. It later appeared in "virus," after Strong Bad learned that the Compy was infected with 423,827 viruses.

The Real Computer

The Compy appearing in Powered by the Cheat form in mile, under the name "Compa"
The Compy (or at least an Apple II monitor and a Dell keyboard) appearing in Puppet Time

Like the Tandy 400, this was an almost-reference to a real computer. There was a 386 processor, which was very popular in its day, but there was no company called "Compy" that made a 386 version of their computer. The "386" logo in "invisibility" is most likely a reference to the real-life logo of IBM, though the Compy 386 is running DOS (programs are .exe), the blue startup screen is a reference to the Commodore 64, or C64, which was Commodore's predecessor to the Amiga.

The design of the computer itself seems to be a take on the old Compaq Deskpro 386, which has a similar monitor and keyboard. However, The monitor in the Puppet Time movie is an old Apple II monitor. The keyboard is a recent model of the Dell QuietKey keyboard that came with earlier Dell computers.

Interestingly, if you look at both the exploded Compy 386 and Tandy 400, you will notice they both contain identical gears and fans, despite being a different manufacturer and generation of computer.

Preceded by:
Tandy 400
Strong Bad Emails
41 - 118
Succeeded by:
Lappy 486
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