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This article is about the contact information for Homestar Runner characters. For the contacts of the creators of the cartoon, see Email.
With the t-top down!

While few of them will actually work, many characters have "Contact information" in the form of an email address, an IM name, or a phone number.


List of Contact Information


Great Looking Girl

Homestar Runner

Larry Palaroncini (of Limozeen)


Pom Pom

Senor Cardgage

  • Work Phone: 555-55-55855-55-5-73667-6678-4243-86329 (given as 555-55-55855-55-5-SENOR-MORT-GAGE-TODAY in Senor Mortgage)

So and So

Strong Bad

Strong Sad

The Cheat

The King of Town

Coach Z

Thorax Corporation

  • Email: (Appears on the Thorax Corporation site)
  • Email: (Link in the pop-up on the Thorax Corporation site)

The Pizz


Unidentified People

Where's An Egg?

Hairstyle Runner

  • Work Number: An image in the gallery's description is "1-800-call-kobak".

Fun Facts

  • Most of the phone, pager and beeper numbers use the prefix 555 to avoid putting real phone numbers on the site.
  • Marzipan may not actually have a screen name, as she claims she doesn't know what a screen name is in marzipan.
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