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Couch Mumbling is the phenomenon that occurs when Strong Bad sleeps up on the couch, and says the name of a video game (usually for the SNES) in his sleep. This page catalogs instances of couch mumbling, with the toon name or email where it appeared, a brief explanation of the game mumbled by Strong Bad, and sources of supplementary material about the game. Although it is the same idea as the Floppy Disk Container, the games mumbled are generally newer, and better known. This has become a running joke, first appearing in the email morning routine.

Transcript Appearance Explanation Sources
Super Bomberman... morning routine Super Bomberman was the SNES incarnation of the puzzle game series by Hudson soft company, released in 1993. Like most games in the Bomberman series, Super Bomberman features a normal game as well as the famous battle mode. In the normal game, Mr. Karat and Dr. Mukk have been terrorizing Diamond City. You must go from board to board, defeating the bad guys and solving puzzles to move to the next board. In battle mode, up to four players go head to head in a battle to the death. Players can be computer controlled or human controlled via the Super MultiTap. Moby Faqs Wiki
{mumbling} Super...Super Contra... cheatday Super Contra, or Super C, was the second in a series of side scrolling action games by Konami, this one for NES and Dos, released in 1990. The alien Red Falcon is back, and planning on taking over the planet Earth. Now it's up to Scorpion and Mad Dog to battle through five levels and save the planet. Gameplay is a combination of side scrolling/platform and top down view. There is a wide variety of enemies to defeat, starting with earthly locations, and progressing to more alien. To help out, weapon upgrades can be found as the game progresses. Two players can play simultaneously, or one player can attempt to take on Red Falcon himself. Moby Faqs Wiki
Dangit, chrona trigga! ... Chrona trigga! ... Chrhn—Chrono Trigger! ... Magus, I'm gonn... I'll kill you. other days Chrono Trigger was an RPG for the SNES and Playstation, released by Square Co. in 1995. What begins as a carefree day at the Millennial Fair for a young man named Crono turns into his ultimate adventure. A young girl named Marle, his best friend Lucca's invention, and a mysterious pendant are a recipe for adventure when the combination thrusts him into the ultimate trip through time and space. Along with new friends, he must battle the forces of evil such as Lavos and Magus. Moby Faqs Wiki
{mumbling} ActRaiser. The Li'l Brudder Show ActRaiser was an action strategy game for the SNES, released by Enix in 1990. It was one of the early SNES games drawing upon the success of side-scrolling platform action titles and the building model of SimCity. You play "The Master" (essentially God), and must save the world from evil. It includes a combination of side scrolling action and top view strategy. First, in side scrolling format, you send your spirit into a warrior with a big sword and magic powers, and travel through swamps and forests, pyramids and snowy mountaintops. Then, after eliminate evil from different parts of the land, you allow villagers to return and build their towns. During these parts you control an angel who helps guide the villagers in their town building, and can send down miracles to aid them in their needs. Moby Udogs Faqs Wiki
Sbemail 150?!? Pilotwings was a launch title for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Wiki

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