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"BLAAAAH'm Crack Stuntman!"

Crack Stuntman (last name usually pronounced Stuntm'n) is the voice actor for Gunhaver on the Cheat Commandos. He apparently doesn't take his job too seriously, since he never seems to have a firm idea of how his character's name is correctly pronounced, and has incorrectly referred to the cartoon as "the Cheat Command-show" and "the cartoon man show". During the recording of The Next Epi-Snowed, Crack Stuntman was shown to be both uncooperative and bossy. He insisted on changing the script, providing the voice for Crackotage instead, and eventually introduced an entirely new character for his girlfriend. Each time the director, A. Chimendez, objected to his requests, Crack threatened to leave the studio if he didn't get his way. Eventually Chimendez inserted his own character to remove Gunhaver from the episode. It was later implied that Crack Stuntman would be replaced before Gunhaver's next appearance, as he was put in a cardboard box and abandoned in the studio (presumably) by Chimendez.

In Pistols for Pandas, Crack begged for his old job back. A subsequent Easter egg showed him reinstated as Gunhaver's voice, whereupon he declared that he loved voice acting: "Look at that sweet, sweet lip-sync!"

Crack Stuntman has had a number of roles in addition to the Cheat Commandos series. He played the title character of a Strong Badman movie and, according to the email rated, also starred in the Fists of Knuckles series, a RRR-rated movie series again directed by A. Chimendez.

It was suggested in the email original that Crack once managed Bubs' Concession Stand under the name "Crack Stuntbubs". Marzipan, however, later claimed that the whole email was a product of Strong Bad's imagination.

Some boxes of Cheat Commandos...O's have a Crack Stuntman mask on the back, which Homestar Runner wore in specially marked. Crack has been seen in a rap music video/public service announcement trying to convince kids not to play with too many knives and to inform them about Spring Break. He is also the national spokesperson of Pistols for Pandas, though it is questionable how much he takes this non-profit organization to heart, as he seems more interested in living a life of luxury than in saving endangered species; he refuses to speak on behalf of Pistols for Pandas unless he gets paid and has mentioned that his charity work is court-ordered. He was later fired from Pistols for Pandas after they discovered he has been marketing a line of frozen panda burger patties.

Crack Stuntman is a Caucasian man with short cropped blond hair and a partial five o'clock shadow. He claims to be pretty tall. His shades are very similar to Gunhaver's. Stuntman bears a resemblance to the briefing-screen character from the NES game Bad Dudes, Duke from G.I. Joe, and even prolific real-life voice actor Frank Welker.

Crack claims to live in a cabin in Lake Tahoe that has a two-story hot tub and an underwater fireplace.

Crack's voice resembles that of Mel O. Mushroom, the main character of the old Mellow Mushroom website (an early side-project of the Brothers Chaps).


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