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"I think my rhymes are truly broke. Broke broke broke broke broke broke broke!"

Crackotage is a member of the Cheat Commandos. He is a jet pilot (he's that guy that flies that plane) and possibly a master locksmith. His name implies that his main roles are sabotage and infiltration. He saved Gunhaver, Silent Rip, Fightgar, and Firebert from exhaustion when they were in the secret desert by dropping Cheat Commandos...O's from his plane.

He usually speaks in rhyming couplets (all ending with a laugh), in what is almost certainly a parody of Roadblock from the cartoon version of G.I. Joe (of which "Cheat Commandos" is a parody), and Blaster from the original Transformers cartoon, who also did this. It's worth noting, however, that rather than actually sounding a lot like Roadblock, Crackotage's voice is very similar to that of Jazz from "Transformers" (voiced by Scatman Crothers), who didn't speak in rhyme, yet this too seems intentional, given the label on his toy packaging, "listens to jazz". Another "Transformers" reference could be how his airplane resembles Starscream.

Crackotage is one of the Cheat Commandos featured in the first Cheat Commandos figurine set.

Defining Traits

  • Action!!
  • Museum Quality!
  • Master Locksmith, Perhaps!
  • Listens To Jazz!!


Quotes of the Week

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