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"Things were just about to start getting crazy go nuts."

Crazy Go Nuts is a term associated with Strong Bad, usually in reference to a his "things were just about to start getting crazy-go-nuts!" line in The Luau. Besides a mere phrase, it has also escalated into a university name in Free Country, USA.

It may be a reference to the expression used by Billy Crystal in his Fernando Lamas impersonation on Saturday Night Live and in his 1985 "You Look Marvelous" track on his comedy album "Mahvelous!"

[edit] Appearances

  • The Luau — Strong Bad says twice his party will be crazy go nuts.
  • Email personal favorites — In an Easter egg, one of the phrases that the Grape-Nuts Robot says is "Things were just about to start getting crazy go nuts".
  • Main Page 22 — When "email" is rolled over, Strong Bad appears on screen, repeating his line "things were just about to start getting crazy go nuts" from The Luau.
  • Baddest of the Bands — Strong Bad complains to Limozeen about everybody going crazy go nuts over the band Cool Tapes.

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