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The Curly-Fried Caper!

Dangeresque and Dangeresque Too track down the guy who stole his curly fries that one time.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Places: A dark office, outside of a warehouse

Date: Monday, November 10, 2008

Running Time: 2:12 official, 2:10 actual

Page Title: Puppets on Patrol!

DVD: SBCG4AP Collector's DVD



{Close-up of a mug reading "THE WORLD'S BEST CROOKED COP", written in marker pen on tape. Longer shot of Puppet Strong Bad (as Dangeresque) sitting in a darkened office, slurping noisily out of the mug while it's still sitting on the table. Strong Bad pushes the mug aside.}

STRONG BAD: Ahh, I just drank that.

{Shot of Puppet Homestar Runner (as Dangeresque Too) carrying an envelope. The envelope reads "FOR YOUR COOL COOL GLASSES ONLY Your pal, Dangeresque Too". The envelope is dropped on the table in front of Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: What's this?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Guess who just busted out of jail.

STRONG BAD: {pulls a sheet of paper out of the envelope with a WANTED poster showing The Cheat, with the name "Szechuan Steve" written underneath.} Szechuan Steve?! The criminal mastermind behind stealing my curly fries one time? Let's go!

{Strong Bad grabs his nunchuk gun. Shot of the two running along the top of a building. As their figurine stunt doubles jump over the edge, the shot freezes, and the titles come up on the screen, with a voice-over reading them out.}

VOICE OVER: Dangeresque: Puppet Squad — The Curly Fried Caper!

{Panning shot of an abandoned warehouse. Strong Bad and Homestar arrive.}

STRONG BAD: Broken windows! This must be the place!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: These mean streets are tough. I'll handle the dumpsters, YOU take the piles of cardboard boxes.

BOTH: Break!

{They run off in opposite directions. Alternate shots of Strong Bad savaging some cardboard boxes, and Homestar (and his stunt double) running and jumping over some dumpsters.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ooh! Hut! Waaaa! Oof!

STRONG BAD: Blargh! Wroa! Yaaa!


STRONG BAD: {Hitting the boxes with his nunchuck gun} Stupid - cardboard - boxes! I hate you! Stupid - cardboard -boxes!

{Strong Bad and Homestar come back together again}

STRONG BAD: There he is!


{Shot of Puppet The Cheat (as Szechuan Steve), apparently wearing a Chinese food box as a hat, standing on the roof holding a cardboard tray of curly fries.}

THE CHEAT: {menacing The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Hand over the curly fries, Szechuan Steve!

THE CHEAT: {More The Cheat noises. Drops the fries over the edge of the building.}

STRONG BAD: {In low-pitched, pretend-slow-motion voice} Nooooooo!

{Slow-motion shot of the curly fries and tray falling to the ground. Or rather, a shot of the curly fries being lowered slowly on strings. Strong Bad catches the tray, then catches all of the curly fries in the tray.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, I got you guys!

{A vibraslap sound plays.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Nice catch, D-man! I'll handle Szechuan Steeeeeeeve!

{Homestar jumps to the top of the building and kicks The Cheat to the ground.}

STRONG BAD: Well, Dangeresque Too, looks like we finally caught the guy responsible for one time stealing my curly fries!

{Long shot of Strong Bad, Homestar and The Cheat's action-figure stunt doubles. Pan right, to see Shark-Tooth Bubs with a mustache and wearing a white hat watching the scene.}


{A dramatic riff plays as the camera zooms in on Shark-Tooth Bubs, eventually fading into a higher-contrast shot. An "Again" link appears, along with "Dangeresque is coming soon to WiiWare and PC! click to find out more", which links to the Telltale Games website}

Fun Facts

Wastin' that management.



  • Character figures are used in stunts and long-range shots for both puppets, as otherwise the shots would reveal their human controllers. In particular, the Homestar puppet does not have any legs, thus requiring the use of a stand-in.
    • Strong Bad's stunt double, The Cheat in the final scene, and Homestar's standing-still stunt double are Set One character figurines, while Homestar's running stunt double is a Set Two character figurine. The figurines appear to been removed from the base to which they originally came attached.
  • Szechuan Steve is named for Szechuan cuisine, which may explain why he's wearing a Chinese take-out container on his head. Szechuan cuisine in turn takes its name from Sichuan (formerly romanized as "Szechuan"), a province in China.


  • In the second jump Homestar starts out turning clockwise while airborne, but is turning counter-clockwise during the close-up.

Fixed Goofs

  • Originally, this puppet stuff was a pop-up (in this context, a Flash file displayed within another). Since the pop-up itself ran at 24fps, it promoted the Main Pages and the TV Time Toons Menu to 24fps. Most of the audio for said pages would be out-of-sync due to the promoted frame rate.
    • The initial "fix" was done by masking the rest of the content behind the pop-up with a background to conceal the visual effects of the goof (i.e., Main Page 14's continual dripping sound would still be heard more frequently than usual).
    • Ironically and inversely, this made SBCG4AP Advertisement's preview on the TV Time Toons Menu go at its native frame rate of 24fps, whereas it would normally be slowed down to 12fps.
    • The final fix was giving the puppet stuff its own page. However, this seems to be a hasty fix, as other Puppet Stuff, which are pop-ups, have never affected the frame rates of other pages as described. The previous Puppet Stuff, Marshie vs. Little Girl, had and has no such problem.
  • The Toons menu used to say this toon was made in 2007.

Inside References

  • The theme music used for this toon was originally from the email rough copy.
    • Also, the music used for Strong Bad and Homestar's "fight" with the dumpsters and cardboard boxes was originally used in more armies
  • This is another instance of Kicking The Cheat.
  • The parking lot where most of the action takes place appears to be the same one used in Baddest Of The Bands Promo Spot.
  • The drawing of Szechuan Steve's Chinese take-out container has Trogdor on it.
  • The noise of the traffic and honking right after the intro comes from Senorial Day.

Fast Forward

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