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* One of the pieces of Experimento's rocket is a manual page for Space Circus Catastrophe. Nab it.
* One of the pieces of Experimento's rocket is a manual page for Space Circus Catastrophe. Nab it.
* You can play the "Space Simulator" (which is the Fun Machine). Get 15,000 points to increase your awesomeness.
* You can play the "Space Simulator" (which is the Fun Machine). Get 15,000 points to increase your awesomeness.
* Seems like the yellow hair should be easy, so maybe you should check out the Office again.
* '''Seems like the yellow hair should be easy, so maybe you should check out the Office again.'''
'''Checkpoint:''' You'll now have four characters nunchucked and a manual page. You'll have lost the diet soda but gained the safety scissors.
'''Checkpoint:''' You'll now have four characters nunchucked and a manual page. You'll have lost the diet soda but gained the safety scissors.

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"I've finally finished Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, so you can all EAT IT!"
A totally incomplete walkthrough to Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 4: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective.
Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.



A description of events will be written in plaintext.

  • Mandatory actions will be bulleted and written in boldface.
  • Actions that increase your awesomeness rating, but are not mandatory, will be bulleted and written in plaintext.
  • Optional actions that might help you understand the scene will be bulleted and written in italics.



After the intro, you'll be playing as Dangeresque within the movie. You're in the Office now. Unlike previous SBCG4AP episodes, this is your home base, and the game will auto-save when you enter here. There's a knock at the door.

  • Dangeresque's favorite nunchuck gun is sitting on the table. Make sure you hold on to this!
  • Next to that is a strange trinket. Yeah, grab that too.
  • Answer the phone for a celebrity name drop.
  • Now answer the door.

In will walk Renaldo (Coach Z) and Dangeresque Too (Homestar Runner). Renaldo's retiring soon, so the heroes are having a small party.

  • You get awesomeness points every time you aim your nunchuck gun at a character. You've got two characters here, so aim at both of them.
  • Take Renaldo's drink.
  • Now head for the door. Slightly missing her cue will be Cutesy Buttons (Marzipan).

She wants you to get the formula that will save the rainforest that she believes to be in Strongborneo. She'll also bring her plant Credenza onto the set, to Strong Bad's annoyance.

  • Aim your nunchuck gun at her, too.
  • And take Credenza for a, er, walk. Anything to get the plant off the set!
  • Now open the map and head to Strongborneo.

Checkpoint: You'll have nunchucked three characters and have one celebrity name drop. You should be carrying the nunchuck gun, trinket, diet soda, and Credenza.


Strong Badia is probably the best-looking set in the movie, and with a trickle-from-a-hose river/quicksand and cardboard box boat, that should speak volumes. However, it's disconnected from the rest of The Field this time, so don't bother trying to get the other locations on your map just yet. Renaldo will follow you around for most of the early parts of the movie, so you can speak with him for advice.

  • What you have to do here is shoot the Stop Sign with your nunchuck gun. This will reveal a hole.
  • Try to reach through the hole. Too small, but Renaldo's arms are skinnier, so he'll try. Oops, this triggers a monster! Of the Bear-holding-a-shark variety!
  • Use the nunchuck gun on the monster to defeat it and save Renaldo.

In the chaos, however, Renaldo gripped the formula too tight, reducing it to a pile of dust. He will, however, mention that a Professor Experimento might be able to fix it. His lab will be added to your map.

  • Head for the Secret Lab.

Secret Lab

Set in Strong Bad's computer room, Professor Experimento's lab is full of cardboardium wonders, including a nearly-completed rocket! He also dabbles in chemistry, so perhaps he can help you out. Unfortunately, he's hot-tempered, and throws scissors that bounce off of stick to the wall as you enter.

  • Take the scissors. They could come in handy!
  • Talk to Experimento (Pom Pom). He'll agree to fix the formula if you agree to get back the disk that was stolen from him. He'll then write the ingredients he needs on the chalkboard: Bubbly Drink, Stickanee Flower, and Yellow Hair.
  • Hey, you already have one ingredient! Give Experimento the Diet Soda.
  • Nunchuck-gun Experimento, 'cuz he's there.
  • One of the pieces of Experimento's rocket is a manual page for Space Circus Catastrophe. Nab it.
  • You can play the "Space Simulator" (which is the Fun Machine). Get 15,000 points to increase your awesomeness.
  • Seems like the yellow hair should be easy, so maybe you should check out the Office again.

Checkpoint: You'll now have four characters nunchucked and a manual page. You'll have lost the diet soda but gained the safety scissors.


  • Use the scissors on Cutesy Buttons. Oops, Marzipan breaks from the script and refuses to part with even a small bit of hair. Cut!
  • Examine the window behind Marzipan to try to get her to turn around. Nope, she's not terribly interested in what she sees. Do take note of the fact that the Shark Pond is visible outside of the window; that will be important later.
  • Okay, let's hit Brainblow City!

Brainblow City

This is The Field, minus Strong Badia (which, remember, is cut off from the rest of the field as it's a different set.) The Brainblow City icon on the map sends you to the Brick Wall, but you can still get all of the other usual map locations (except the Concession Stand) by walking near them as usual.

  • Check the Stickanee Tree for a Celebrity Name Drop.
  • The Stick...anee Tree has a flower on it. Success! Take it.
  • Walk far enough and you'll find the Shark Pond. Marzipan didn't care enough to look at this earlier, so maybe you can throw something in there do distract her long enough to get that hair sample. How about Credenza?
  • While you're here, aim your sawed-off single-barreled nunchuck gun squarely at the sign on the far right side of the City (near the Concessi... er, Prison) to get "Renaldo Fun Sheets".
  • Okay, enough here for now, back to the Office!


  • Direct Marzipan's attention to the window again and she'll be appalled to see Credenza floating in the "shark pond".
  • Take advantage of her distraction to collect that hair she wouldn't give you before... though she rather violently makes you get Credenza back anyway!
  • Okay, you have your ingredients, time to talk to Experimento! Head for the Secret Lab.

Checkpoint: You should have lost Credenza, but in exchange, you'll have the Flower and the Hair. You'll also have one Merchandise item, and you'll have witnessed one outtake. Celebrity names have been dropped twice, and you'll have one costume item.

Secret Lab

  • Give Experimento the hair and flower and he'll fix your potion! Success! Now to give this to Cutesy Buttons.
  • Head back to the Office.


Cutesy Buttons is missing! There must be a clue as to where she went! An incredibly subtle clue that you'll have to comb the room for hours looking for. Or, conversely, it could be a television that Dangeresque and Renaldo go out of their way to indicate without admitting it.

  • Click on the television to see that some evil mastermind who definitely isn't Dangeresque Too with The Cheat in his lap making demands of you.

Renaldo's willing to give in to his demands, but Dangeresque refuses. Renaldo suggests speaking to Baron Darin Diamonocle for tips. He was previously sent to prison by Dangeresque. The Brainblow City Prison will be added to your map, even though you can get to it from any part of Brainblow City.

  • Head to the Prison.


  • Speak to Diamonocle (Bubs). You can ask him how to get Cutesy Buttons back, but he'll want to know why he should help you in the first place. You can select either the Angel or Devil option to get him to cooperate, but select the "Devil" option for an extra name drop.
  • He'll tell you to get Perducci's help from the Old Club to find the blueprints to the mastermind's lair, and suggests speaking to Renaldo about the man who can help rescue Cutesy Buttons.
  • Be sure to remind him that you're not friends, though, with that nunchuck gun of yours.
  • Check the grass near the prison to find a Monocle.
  • Renaldo's over by the Brick Wall, so speak with him. He'll reveal that your father used to rescue kidnappees, but one case in particular drove him mad. He's probably in Venice now, so you'll have to head to France Italy!
  • Use the formula on the Stickanee Tree and it will sprout a box of cereal for some reason that clearly has nothing to do with marketing. Whatever, take the cereal.
  • Now let's take care of Perducci first. Head to the Old Club.

Checkpoint: You should now have the finished formula, in addition to two merchandise items , five nunchucked characters, and three celebrity names dropped.

Old Club

Club Technochocolate's really gone downhill, though the presence of crime boss Perducci (The King of Town) and his muscular henchman Killingyouguy (Strong Mad) might have a lot to do with that. Let's see if you can get those blueprints from him. The dialogue will start on its own. Perducci will only give up the blueprints if you beat him in a game of Rock, Scissors, Baccarat. Best card played wins, and nothing beats rock. Except paper. Looks like you're going to have to beat him at his own nonsensical game...

  • Interrogate the criminals with your nunchuck gun! It won't do any good, but it's worth some awesomeness points, right?
  • You can't win the first round, as Perducci will play the Ace of Spades, the best card around.
  • Ask him to shuffle the cards until a Sam & Max card is the one on top for another Celebrity Name Drop.
  • Ask him to keep shuffling until an ordinary playing card is the one on top. Then tell him to deal, so that you get the Ace of Spades.
  • You can play it, but he'll put a rock on the table. Not a rock card, a rock. Yeah, he's definitely making the rules up as he goes. Unfortunately, rock beats everything (except paper), so you lose again.
  • Perducci will gloat to Killingyouguy about his victory, turning away from the table. Why not take the rock for yourself in the meantime?
  • Play another round, but play the rock. Perducci will frantically try to come up with something that beats rock, but only paper beats rock, so he'll put his blueprints on your rock. He wins again!
  • Only he's gloating again, so take the blueprints anyway. Perducci will be upset. No one cares.
  • Use your rock on the bottles in the back of the club to get a Dangeresque doll. And you'll even get to keep the rock!
  • And grab the fedora near the door.
  • Okay, time to head to Venice.

Checkpoint: You'll now have the rock and the blueprints. You should have four celebrity names and three pieces of merchandise, and seven characters will have been nunchucked. You'll have two costume items.


Amazing what a cardboard gondola can do to a stone bridge, huh? Senor Cardgage is milling about here, and Strong Bad decides he'd make a perfect Dadgeresque! Time to learn about rescuing kidnapped people.

  • Could you aim your nunchuck gun at your own father? You'd better, because it gets you some more Awesomeness.
  • Talk to him about yourself. Senor Cardgage clearly has no idea what's going on, but Strong Bad force-fits his ramblings into the plot. You'll "learn" that the kidnapping case Dadgeresque was never able to solve took place in the Malvies Catacombs.
  • Okay, let's head to the Catacombs to see what we can find.


It's the King of Town's castle. There's a strange mural on the wall and a cardboard door on the far end of the room.

  • Examine the mural. It will show a 3x3 display of Mexican food items, only the corners are missing. There are also jumbled lines and images connected to them. You can follow them to determine what goes where. Remember the whole setup. Or just do what I'm going to tell you.
  • Examine the door and it will open to a new room.

There's a strange structure with 3x3 blocks here. All the blocks have Mexican food items on them (except the one in the middle).

  • The door in this room won't open on its own.
  • Examine the structure. You'll have to flip the tiles to match the order on the mural. Specifically, you want to change the following:
    • The upper-left tile should be salsa.
    • The upper-right tile should be the nachos on the blue plate.
    • The middle-right tile should be the dessert plate with the cherry.
    • The lower-left tile should be the taco.
    • All the other tiles are already correct.

A panel will open revealing a trinket that looks amazingly like the one you have! The door will also open, but behind it is a... well, it's supposed to be a monster, but The Cheat forgot to add in the CGI effects, so you'll just have to make do with Strong Sad in a really silly-looking motion sensor getup.

  • Use your nunchuck gun on the monster! Nope, it's not even slowed down!
  • How about taking the trinket from the puzzly thing? Nope, won't budge.
  • Use your own trinket, though, and the two will merge into some sort of heart thing. Hey, the "monster" has a heart-shaped cavity in its chest!
  • Grab the heart and use it on the monster. It will suddenly be crushed by boxes.
  • Select the middle panel of the puzzle again for a page to the manual.
  • Click on one of the fallen boxes (the small one) to salvage some boots.
  • Now head into the third room.
  • Your metal detector is here, for no good reason other than the fact that a SBCG4AP game wouldn't be complete without it.
  • What a SBCG4AP game could be complete without, however, is The Poopsmith in a silly girly wig. Interrogate him/her with the nunchuck gun! Well, try anyway.
  • Talk to him/her to learn that s/he is the kidnapping victim your father had previously searched for! Not only did you save "her", but now your name is in the paper! Time to talk to Dadgeresque about this!

Checkpoint: You should have lost the trinket but gained the metal detector. You will have nunchucked ten characters, and you'll have two manual pages and gained three costume items.


Now you will enter a cut scene where you will show Dadgeresque about solving the case. After which you and Renaldo follow him to the Kidnapper's hideout (Funny, that looks just like the roof of Bubs' concession stand) As you try to break in, you find out that *gasp* it's a trap set by....Dangeresque...Too? Now he wants to be called Uzi Bazooka. After a brief confrontation he shoots Dadgeresque. Dangeresque shows his soft side as he *sniff* cries over his dying father. But now it is time to get some revenge!

Now you have a Mexican standoff situation here. Guns and gun-type objects are pointing everywhere, and poor Cutesy Buttons is trapped behind enemy lines. You'll have to do something to save her... and oh, Uzi Bazooka still has those darn launch codes. You'll have to do some major distracting to achieve both goals.

  • Pointing your Nunchuk gun at any one of the three enemies (Uzi Bazooka, The Cheat, and Killingyouguy) will make everyone change the direction in which he is pointing his weapon. Pointing it at Renaldo resets everyone to their original positions.
  • Point the Nunchuk Gun at Uzi Bazooka. Killingyouguy should take a step forward, and Cutesy can move behind him.
  • Point it at Killingyouguy next. The Cheat will step forward as Uzi steps back, and Cutesy can move a little further.
  • Aim it at The Cheat now. Uzi will step forward as Killingyouguy steps back, and Cutesy will sneak behind Uzi.
  • Aim at Uzi again and, with Uzi distracted, Cutesy Buttons will nab the disk and run toward you!

Now you have no reason to be here, so 'it looks like you're gonna have to jump'! (Cue the stunt doubles!)

Car Chase

Dangeresque will rush to the Dangcaresque in order to evade his enemies, but Killingyouguy is right on his tail, and he can run faster than your stationary speeding car! Worse, the brakes have been cut! Cutesy Buttons managed to find a helicopter and is coming to get you, but you're gonna have to figure out how to reach it safely... and maybe in style. Your voice activated auto-pilot can help, but it can't help you stop!

  • Tell the Autopilot to deploy the Sawmerang Hubcaps. The Cheat's hand will slap a crudely drawn circular sawblade onto the front tire. Jump onto the hood of the car and grab that thing!
  • Command the autopilot to let loose an oil spill. And now that Killingyouguy is negotiating with the laws of physics, you have a golden opportunity to knock him completely off balance. Let's see, the Nunchuck Gun is no good, and the rock won't do the trick.... but maybe you just happened to pick up an aerodynamic saw blade at some point?
  • Even though you managed to knock him over, he's still not giving up. Yeesh, henchmen. But notice that he's now a good distance behind your car. You should be able to tell the Autopilot to activate the emergency hatch.
  • The hatch is up, but you can't use it, since it will collapse if you step on it. You'll have to prop it up with something. Something big and keeping a consistent pace directly behind the Dangcaresque, maybe?
  • Climb down to the front of the car for the big stunt shot. Dangeresque will have to put his life on the line in order to slow his speeding vehicle!
  • Thanks to his bravery and skill (not to mention camera work), the hatch is now resting directly on top of Killingyouguy's head!
  • Climb to the roof, up the hatch, and 'it looks like you're gonna have to jump' to freedom!
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