Dangeresque Roomisode 3: Keep My Enemies, Loser Walkthrough

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This is a complete walkthrough for the game Dangeresque Roomisode 3: Keep My Enemies, Loser.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.



Perducci has been behind everything! Don't worry about the logistics and clearly good writing at play, he did! And now he wants to... hire Dangeresque? Perducci explains that he has received a tip that he will have four attempts on his life, and he wants Dangeresque to thwart them all. Fail, and Killingyouguy will be killing you, guy!

If, at any time, you give Perducci the all clear, the next assassination attempt will take place. Though this will result in a Game Over if you fail to set the room up properly, it can at least be used to tip you off to just what it is you're trying to thwart, and the game will jump back to before you did so. No bonus points for random Game Overs this time, though.

First assassination attempt

Sultry Buttons can be seen through the window in the kitchen door, planning to throw a knife at Perducci. Perducci was given a tip to "Watch your back".

  • From the statue with the two shields, take the lower shield (the one that isn't labeled "Rusty Shield").
  • Give the shield to Perducci.

Well, that's settled, right? Wrong. Now, if Sultry Buttons throws the knife, it will ricochet around the room and hit Perducci anyway.

  • Take the oily napkin on the far left table.
  • Use the napkin on the rusty shield. You won't be able to take it, but you will be able to rotate it slightly.
  • Either open the kitchen door or give Perducci the all clear. Either way, the knife will miss Perducci entirely and wind up embedded in Killingyouguy's arm. One assassination attempt down!

Second assassination attempt

Next on the agenda: a poison dart from the wine caskets on the wall.

  • Take the dagger from Killingyouguy's arm.
  • Also take the glass of water next to the monitor.
  • Use the water on the candle to extinguish the flame.
  • Use the dagger on the now-extinguished candle to take it. You'll lose the dagger though (Killingyouguy wants it back).
  • Use the candle on the wine casks to block the hole.
  • Give Perducci the all clear. The candle will do its job and block the dart. Two down, two to go!

Third assassination attempt

This time they're not even being subtle: a silhouette resembling Bubs marches right up to the door, and now there's a laser sight aimed squarely at Perducci's head. Don't try to walk in front of the center table for this part, or it's Dangeresque who will get assassinated!

  • Use the water on the check on the righthand table to learn the waiter ID.
  • Use the monitor and you'll log in with that waiter ID. Now move the entrees around. You'll want the "Flatghetti" to go to table 2 and the "Tallturkey" to go to table 3.

After you change the entrees, the Waitre D will bring them out. If you arranged them correctly, the sniper will hit the turkey instead of Perducci. Just one assassination attempt left to thwart!

Fourth assassination attempt

I think the phone... is ringing. Yeah, definitely the phone's ringing. Are you gonna get that? Well, maybe try it once for the bonus point: after the phone has been answered, a Professor Experimento sattelite will target its exact location and fall right on top of it, crushing whoever is underneath. So maybe hold off a bit if you actually want to progress.

  • Open the cabinet to reveal a TV remote. Take it.
  • Use the TV remote on the TV directly to turn up the sound. The wine glass in the Armzipan statue's hand will shatter.
  • Use the Armzipan statue to take a plastic banana from it.
  • Use the banana on the phone. With a quick swap, the phone doesn't have time to register that there's nothing on the hook. But you don't want Dangeresque or Perducci to get crushed by the satellite, so what else in the room could hold it?
  • Give the phone to the Armzipan statue.
  • Now give Perducci the all clear. Killingyouguy will answer the banana, and the satellite will crush the statue. That's all the assassination attempts dealt with... or is it?

Fifth assassination attempt

Perducci demands that Dangeresque make him a cocktail to celebrate. Could this be your big moment to turn the tables?

The sinister duo demand a brightly-colored drink with fruit floating in it and a catchy name.

  • Use the spaghetti to summon the Waitre D to clean it up. He'll have a brightly colored cleaning solution. Perfect! Take it! Oh... it's non-toxic. Well, it's better than nothing!
  • What of that candle cork? Examine it to get the poison dart originally intended for Perducci. Now we're talkin'!
  • And try to Get the sattelite to take the red ball sensor. Resembles a cherry. Close enough! But what to name it...?
  • If you examine the picture on the wall, it will show some of Perducci's lairs. Examine them all to hear Perducci's opinions. He seems to have negative opinions of all of them except St. Pod. Interesting, interesting...
  • Try asking Killingyouguy about the ways he intends to hurt you. He responds negatively to all of them except craunching. Interesting to know...
  • Place the cleaner, satellite part, and poison dart in Perducci's cocktail glass.
  • Tell Perducci that the drink is ready and he'll ask you for a name. Tell him it's the Saint Pod Craunch. He'll eagerly drink it... and start choking from the poison!

Dangeresque wins the night! Roll end credits...


Mandatory actions

  • Get the shield: 5 points
  • Give Perducci the shield: 5 points
  • Rotate the shield: 5 points
  • Get through assassination attempt 1: 10 points
  • Get the water: 5 points
  • Extinguish the candle: 5 points
  • Get the candle: 5 points
  • Use the candle on the wine casks: 5 points
  • Get through assassination attempt 2: 10 points
  • Learn the waiter code: 5 points
  • Get through assassination attempt 3: 15 points
  • Get the TV remote: 5 points
  • Use the TV remote on the TV: 5 points
  • Get the banana: 5 points
  • Swap the banana for the phone: 5 points
  • Give the Armzipan statue the phone: 5 points
  • Get through assassination attempt 4: 10 points
  • Get the cleaner: 10 points
  • Get the poison dart: 5 points
  • Examine the picture: 5 points
  • Talk to Killingyouguy: 5 points
  • Put the cleaner in the cocktail glass: 5 points
  • Put the fake cherry in the cocktail glass: 5 points
  • Put the poison dart in the cocktail glass: 5 points
  • Poison Perducci successfully: 10 points

Bonus points

  • Look at Perducci ten times: 2 points, All Alliterasche Achievement
  • Use the TV remote on the Homestarmero statue, the Armzipan statue's empty hand, Killingyouguy, Perducci, and Dangeresque himself: 1 point, 5een on TV Achievement
  • Answer the phone during the fourth assassination attempt: 1 point, Sadellite Achievement
  • Use the banana on the Homestarmero statue, Perducci, and Killingyouguy: 2 points, Nana Assault Achievement
  • Use the TV remote to shatter the wine glass in the statue's hand. Then, place the shield, TV remote, napkin, dagger, water, candle, banana, poison dart, and cleaner in the statue's hand: 2 points, All in H9nd Achievement
  • Talk to all inanimate objects: 2 points, Stuff Talka Room 3 Achievement
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