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Twin Peaks was a surreal TV series that ran in 1990 and 1991.


  • Debut: 3 Times Halloween Funjob: Marzipan dresses up as The Log Lady, a character from Twin Peaks.
  • Strong Sad's Lament: 03.13.03 (3:12pm) - Strong Sad is listening to the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Soundtrack.
  • Email underlings: The "Stink's Reach" promo parodies the opening from Twin Peaks.
  • DNA Evidence The opening titles and ending in which Strong Sad laughs maniacally and appears in a window, on a roof, and behind the cleaning supplies is a direct reference to Killer Bob, mysterious antagonist of Twin Peaks. The character was created because of a happy accident in which crew member Frank Silva was caught in frame during shooting of the pilot, thus explaining the unwieldy positions in which Strong Sad appears.
  • Email alternate universe:
    • The surreal Coach Z Easter egg is an homage to a famous scene from the similarly surreal TV series, Twin Peaks. The background for the scene featured red drapes, and the starring character, Dale Cooper, spills coffee on himself, represented here by Coach Z's streaming hat of coffee. The unusual speech used by Homestar, meanwhile, was the hallmark of the scene; the actors actually spoke their dialogue backwards, and the recording was then played in reverse, so that the words were heard by the audience in their proper order (though they still sounded unusual and contorted, just as Homestar sounds here). It seems as though Matt Chapman faked this technique, rather than actually recording his lines backwards. Twin Peaks was co-created by director David Lynch, whom Strong Sad cited as an influence in Sbemail 150?!?. Additionally, the phrase "I'm not at liberty to discuss [...]" is a direct lift from the lines of Major Garland Brigs, a character on Twin Peaks, who is often unable to talk about what he does for a living.
    • Alonzo Mourning is an NBA basketball player.
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