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"You never gave me the five bucks!"

In the Homestar Runner universe, there are several instances of a character's death or near death. As in many cartoons, such deaths are often impermanent: the character may later appear alive, often with no explanation.



Pom Pom

  • In the Strong Bad Email pom pom, Kevin wonders what would happen to Pom Pom if he was poked with a pin. Strong Bad decides to try this, except that he would also be blindfolded and Pom Pom would be set on fire with the BMW Lighter. He believes that Pom Pom exploded in "a big fiery ball that was visible from space", when in reality he got a "severe pummeling" by Pom Pom. He even wrote his parents a letter of condolence.
  • In Where's The Cheat?, Strong Bad calls Marzipan and pretends to be Homestar Runner, and he tells her that he got mad and killed Pom Pom.
  • Pom Pom's ghost flies out of his grave on Main Page 7.


Frank Bennedetto

  • In the Strong Bad Email army, Frank Bennedetto "dies", after being kicked by Strong Bad. He is later seen alive in Labor Dabor.

Teen Girl Squad

  • The main characters in Teen Girl Squad are killed off nearly every episode in a variety of ways, yet they always come back alive in the next issue, and sometimes later in the same issue, as seen with Cheerleader in Teen Girl Squad Issue 7.

Homestar Runner

The Cheat

  • The Cheat has his own song, The Cheat is Not Dead.
  • In the Strong Bad email bedtime story, The Cheat's vitals are tested after being bug-bombed in order to go to sleep. Strong Bad also says "If we're lucky, the Cheat will wake up alive the next morning".


Strong Bad

Señor and Mr. Bland

Strong Sad's Imagined Death

Is he dead?

Strong Sad's Imagined Death is a running gag throughout the Homestar Runner universe, in which various characters either imagine or believe that Strong Sad has died.

Strong Sad reveals that he himself dreams of his own death (over and over and over...).
Strong Sad "faints", making Coach Z believe he killed him.
Strong Bad concludes that his "test subject" was dead, and also adopted.
In complimenting The Cheat's costume, Coach Z says "It's as if Strong Sad was still alive and with us today!"
As Strong Bad imagines what it would be like if he used fake fingers, you can see a dead Strong Sad behind the couch in one scene. Also, two Easter eggs during this sequence show Strong Sad stuffed inside a locker and a soapbox.
Strong Bad types "I swear on Strong Sad's grave" in the unaired email "Tape Leg 2".
A picture on the first screen shows The Cheat serving a platter with Strong Sad's head on it to Strong Bad.

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