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Degrader than ever before!

Degradest Hits is an album released on music streaming services under sloshy's name, containing all of the band's songs from the Homestar Runner body of work, including live performances, plus two original new ones. It was released on September 22, 2020.

Running time: 22:41

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Track Listing

Number Title Length Source Notes
1 B-Est of B-Sides - Original 1:56 Record Store Day
2 American Football Championship Game - Original 1:19 Sloshybowl
3 We Don't Really Even Care About You 0:49 concert
4 No-Stalgia 2:40 Album exclusive
5 Phoning This One In 0:33 Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2 This version plays both tracks simultaneously.
6 Because, Its Midnite 1:34 Limozeen vs. Sloshy
7 E-Mail Thunderclap 1:08 email thunder The song from the end of the email has added lyrics.
8 B-Est of B-Sides Toy Record 1:00 Record Store Day 2018
9 American Football Championship Game 1:29
10 3 Times Halloween Funjob - Live 2:00 3 Times Halloween Funjob The song from the beginning of the toon is played live with added lyrics.
11 B-Est of B-Sides 1:43
12 We Don't Really Even Care About You - Live 1:35
13 Phoning This One In - Live 1:42
14 Because, Its Midnite - Live 2:00
15 We Don't Really Even Care About You Toy Record 1:05 @StrongBadActual Tweet (23 Apr 2018)

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