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Dirtiest Diapey

Diapers are frequently mentioned and seen, especially when associated with Diaper School.


  • Homestar QuizStrong Bad mentions diaper school twice.
  • Email i rule — Strong Bad claims that he has ruled that field out behind the dumpsters (aka Strong Badia) since diaper school.
  • A Decemberween PageantThe First Decemberween is played by Strong Sad, wearing a sash and a diaper.
  • Email colonization — In an Easter egg, Homestar Runner declares that no longer shall dirty diapers be accepted as legal tender.
  • Peasant's Quest — Typing "smell" to the Baby Lady will yield the response, "And don't start asking me for his diapers, sicko!"
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 7 — The page title reads "Diaper School Grads!"
  • Email secret recipes — Homestar tries to trick Strong Bad into eating Stupid Uncle Egg's Goodtime Diaper Pie.
  • Email record bookLil' Strong Bad held the record for the Dirtiest Diapey in the old record book, which he "accidentally" made breakfast on.
  • TrogdorCon '97 — In an Easter egg, Strong Bad comments, "Man, if I see another person in a diaper..."
  • Commandos in the ClassroomReynold says "Diaper biscuits", as he thinks it is a cuss word.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — One of the lyrics in Homestar's song that he sings to Bubs is "The world is the egg, and diapers come true."
  • Email highschool — The "middle school" version of The Poopsmith was "The Diapersmith", and he was sitting in front of a pile of dirty diapers. Strong Bad's middle school alter ego wears a diaper in that scene.
  • Email looking oldStrong Mad suggests Strong Bad should wear a diaper in order to look younger.
  • Email strong badathlon — Homestar Runner says, "Whaddya think this is, you little placemat? A diaper show? It's not a diaper show. I think that's pretty obvious."
  • Email the paper — Lil' Strong Bad calls Lil' Strong Sad "Diaper Stripe."
  • Drive-Thru (DVD Commentary) — Strong Bad mentions that "French fries wearin' a diaper" would likely be one of the toys available at the invisible restaurant.
  • Nintendo Power June 2008 Interview — Strong Bad mentions that people trying to play his game and who cannot handle Strong Bad's style would result in loss of vision, spontaneous diaper and cactus tongue. Also, if Strong Bad ordered a burger at a restaraunt and they were all out, he would suffer from loss of vision, spontaneous diaper and cactus tongue.
  • Homestar Ruiner — After you give Homestar the onion, ask him to take a shower and he'll smell himself and exclaim, "Great grandma's diapers!"
  • Email buried — In the picture of the layers of Strong Badia, there is an "impenetrable diaper crust".

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